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Pre German Panic


It's come to that time in preparations for a trip where I don't know what to do next. I'm half-packed but need to collect some other things before I can put more stuff in the suitcase. The clothes are the easy part. It's everything else that makes things complex. Finding & charging the right rechargeable batteries for the camera. Wiping the memory card for said camera & hoping the batteries didn't get mixed in with the old set that gradually drains themselves when not in use. Deciding what little toys to bring to keep myself entertained on the flight & endless bus rides. Running to the store when I realize I've forgotten something (like socks. Will do that tomorrow.) Fiddly stuff. And on top of all that, I'm lazy.

Hopefully I'll have more time tomorrow. Today my new laptop computer arrived & I've been devoting a lot of time to setting that up & downloading necessary applications. It also uses Windows Vista which I have never used before & spent a couple hours swearing at while attempting to a few simple tasks. Thankfully I was able to revert it to "Windows Classic" mode so it's much easier to find what I'm looking for. I could write up a list of things that are annoying me right now but I'm still learning & I'll eventually get used to most of them. With luck, German wi-fi will be the same as here so I can blog as I go. At the very least, I have a portable word processor that can record my thoughts much faster than a standard pen or pencil.

The next two days are largely going to be spent packing. Not that I'm bringing several steamer trunks along, just that certain items take more time to organize & bring together than others.

I've already decided to bring a book of Lovecraft & a newer purchase, World War Z by Max Brooks, recommended to me by matt_william. (And a fine recommendation it is.) I'm enjoying the latter so much that I find I'm switching back & forth with it & The Whisperer in Darkness. I'm usually not a two-book-at-a-time kind of guy (unless one of them has a lot of pictures in it) but it's been working out so far.

Also working well is the diet. I've been on it a little more than a month & am showing consistent results. I'm already predicting the trip to Germany to be a setback since you don't travel the world just to eat salads, but I'll be back in two weeks, at it as hard as ever to catch up on whatever ground I've lost.

Mmmm. My mouth is already watering for that delicious juicy bratwurst.

In other news, I'm gaming again. (exclamation point, exclamation point) D&D with the old group (or one of them) just like the good old days. It may be too early to be optimistic but at present it looks like we may be able to keep this up regularly for a while. Possibly once or twice a month. I'll have to sneak Chad a copy of the Call of Cthulhu D20 rules so he can get some ideas (bwa ha ha.) Even if it's D&D CoC it will be much better than that crappy CoC game last year that was canceled while I was en route to the first meeting because the DM got a girlfriend. Anyway, even if it is a 70 mile drive north just to game I'm not complaining anymore because my friends up there are finishing their basement to look like the interior of a castle & dungeon just for gaming. Complete with bar.

What else? ... Got a couple more prints framed, finally. One was put into an old frame laviorli gave me when she moved out of town & it fits perfectly. If people ever come over again they'll see. I still have my "Economic Stimulus" check unopened & unspent. I've been thinking for a long time what to do with it. Naturally the best idea is to plunk it in the Credit Union, CD or Savings Bond, but I may just put it toward getting my Time Bandits map framed right. Otherwise it would cost more than I'm comfortable with were I to pay straight out of pocket. Still not entirely sure yet. It'll stay in the envelope for now.

The other day while at wal-mart I saw 8 Wiis in the electronics section just sitting there on a rack. What's up with that?

For those still with us, the Highway 18 outdoor theater is showing a triple feature this weekend for Labor Day. It doesn't say anything about a "Dusk 'til Dawn" special like last year (which was a blast) but it's nice to see they're still doing something special, whether I can be there or not.

Also going to be missed is the Cooksville Thresheree. I don't hit it every year but I do still attend from time to time. Hmm. Looks like I missed out on the Bristol Ren Faire too. Crap.

Anyway, before I sign out, a special happy early birthday to jeklnskinsgrl as I will be unavailable that weekend for any festivities. Have a cool 22.

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