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Todays' Mail

Got my State tax refund , as well as my paycheck later on. It was nice for a while until I paid bills tonite, which took up most of it.

Found a note from the bank saying my refinancing request had been denied. I'd barely started that process so I called them up and since they were taking so long in responding the system sent out an automated cancellation. Last I heard, it's not good business practice to ignore customers.

My phone bill came with a flyer for the Do Not Call Registry so I added my number immediately. Still, I haven't gotten too many calls from other phone companies since I tried a few things for revenge.

Another day training on the new job, now with no supervision. Like other positions there it's easier than it looks, but not much more fun. It was rather annoying while trying to fall asleep last nite and whenever I closed my eyes I was back at work doing the same thing. What is that, anyway. I call it the "Doom Phenomena" from when I first started playing Doom for hours on end and found that the game had copied itself onto the back of my eyelids. Weird, eerie, bothersome.

Ugh, it's too late and I still need to get up early in the morning. Expecting call from stupid bank, cash checks at other bank (yes, I pay bills before cashing checks. They're all dated the same day anyway) and then get grosseries. Maybe bonky mallet too. Someone remind me to make a call on getting my DVD Rom back online. Then I gots ta sort out transportation for A-Club. I don't want to drive after being up since four Saturday, but Tom wants a ride from *me* for whatever reason and bring a friend while I was gonna try to bum a ride from Matt and/or Sarah.

Next post may be slightly less coherent depending on how I feel at four am before work Saturday. Again, ugh.

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