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“Hello and welcome to North Central Wisconsin where I'm here at my grandmother's helping out with the basement sale which has been an additional failure. A bunch of people stopped by yesterday and guess they made 60 bucks but hardly anybody had been by today Saturday and it's really just a waste of time really. Bunch of people pulled in to the drive way looked around and then banged up and left which was weird but I suppose they were expecting a bunch of cables set outside in the driveway and not seeing that with a sign that says everything is down stairs. They gave up and left so yep, just boring and that's just me and it will be more stuff to put away yesterday and get ready to take the goodwill or what not. I don't know. I'm taking home a bunch of stuff like a nest coat and my old Linken(?) logs I used to play with back on the farm and a painting message adoring at least stair well as known to my grand parents to have. It will go above my stair well when I have one but not a lot of really significant stuff, the studium(?) watching the sky, reading playing some video games. Found a couple of books at the library sale the other day. One of them is a bunch of creature stories edited by Terry Carr. One of 'em, one of those stories was turned into a episode of mind webs which was pretty cool and the other book turns out it was a collection of awards or rather award winning stories at the 1st Fantasy Awards I think, which is given to authors who keep last spirit ___ inside of even small map of Providence with a bunch of places marked out either where love craft lives, where he like to go or places. Actually address in his stories. So a neat lucky find. I didn't even notice that until I took a look all of them. But I'm tired of reading, tired of playing games. Thought I'd make a post and report on the TV up here in North Central Wisconsin. So if you would like to help me out, feel free to give me a call because I'm gonna be here for another day yet and ride home Sunday evening to probably watch TV but at least I got computer at home with connection to all sources entertainment. So this Edel(?) Jim signing out”

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