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Evil Jim

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02:50 pm: Stupid dreams
I had a dream this morning. It's not really worth repeating but I wanted to put it down for one part which was just too stupid to forget.

Now, most of us have had that dream or are at least familiar with the one where we're trying to cross a road & suddenly we're either frozen in place or running in sloooow motion as traffic bears down upon us & we fill with panic. Well, I was window shopping in some town with my parents. Mom was taking too long at one store so dad went across the street to another. I decided to follow him across the four lanes & when I got to the middle I started to trip. Slowly. Suddenly I was tired. I wanted to lie down & sleep. I frantically looked around for traffic & saw a dump truck a couple blocks away. I began to fill with panic as I flailed about through the strange resistance in one lane until I could jog ahead to the curb. The dream story then progressed as normal which had nothing to do with getting run over. WTF subconscious??

T-Rex is having dream problems too.

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