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Friday the 13th strikes again!

So today was Friday the 13th. I spent it not breaking mirrors or stepping on cracks, but dining & movie-ing sacredspud for his belated birthday. We saw The Happening since it was opening day & both liked the movie. It's a rather creepy suspense film that I recommend to anyone who likes rather creepy suspense films. Regrettably I'm a little too tired at this point to delineate much further but I'd be happy to hype it when I'm not falling asleep. But anyway, most importantly we got to visit for a good long while which doesn't happen often enough.

A couple of stops further down the line I found myself at PrePlayed with The Twilight Zone Definitive Collection: Season 1 gripped in my sweaty paws. For the lowest price I'd ever seen on store shelves plus a fat episode guide I wouldn't leave without it. I spent pretty much the rest of the evening (when not outside enjoying the beautiful sunset or scanning the gorgeous night sky for iridium flares) watching the first of six discs. I should probably stop now & just go to bed but the next episode is Time Enough at Last! & that's just too good a story to wait for. Still, it may be a bit much. Now I'm finding myself writing poetry:

Of sight,

Of Sound,

Of state of mind -

Look up ahead,

There is a sign:


- E V I L O U T -

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