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Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Three times it drops...

I just got back from seeing Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This isn't the first time so I had plenty opportunities to absorb details I may have missed during the previous two. Yes, I've seen the movie three times.... You shouldn't be surprised; you knew I was an Indiana Jones fan when we met. Anyway, I like the movie. My favourite is still Raiders but this installment does well to uphold the tradition. For a few more details on my feelings about the movie you can check my comments in this entry of the i_jones fan community. I could go on but it's much more fun to talk about the story than write so if you want to get into it please feel free to engage me. I'd also be happy to show the episode of the Young Indiana Jones chronicles referenced in the film.

This time I had the pleasure of seeing the movie with first timer jeklnskinsgrl & some of her friends who drove all the way down from Oshkosh for the movie. It was a pleasure meeting them & getting to know the two who had seen me before. We had plenty of time to hang out, eat & play air hockey at Rockey's before three of us caught the last show of the evening. As far as I know they're already on their way back up north.

Yesterday (Saturday) was occasion for another long trip to see a movie, this time it was sacredspud & I to Chicago's Music Box Theatre & the "movie" The Animation Show 4. I've seen three of the four Animation Shows in theater since they started touring a few years ago so I've been able to note their progression of themes. They've definitely been getting funnier with a greater emphasis on comedy than drama. I don't know whether it's intentional or just what the majority of independent filmmakers are producing these days but I very much like it. There were only one or two shorts that didn't thrill me but even they were entertaining. Colin wasn't too terribly annoyed at scrambling his weekend plans at the last minute, the Music Box was strikingly easy to find on the first try & everything seemed to fall into place smoothly & on time. And now that I can actually find the silly theater by myself I won't be so stupidly hesitant to just drop what I'm doing & pop on down if something is playing there that I want to see.

It was good to see Colin for the better part of a day & since I don't see him often enough I talked my sore throat from sounding merely hoarse to something akin to a bucket of large rocks grinding together. To help aggravate it more I suggested we consult Heavens-Above.com to track some satellites in the night sky & then stand outside in the cold. We didn't see the one we were looking for but we did find the International Space Station as it sped along its track to the far North. This was the first time I was able to find something exactly when & where predicted by the website so I finally know I'm tracking them properly. Special thanks to henrietta1 for introducing me to it.

Speaking of Sarah, I took her to see Crystal Skull Friday. We hit the movie, a couple of shops & I got to watch her enter PrePlayed for the first time ever, bug-eyed in awe at the selection of cheap movies & music. She left with an armload of DVDs which I can almost guarantee will prevent her from leaving the house much this weekend.

Now, the first time I saw Crystal Skull this week was Wednesday night, aka. Thursday morning. matt_william, lord_alucard & I caught the 12:01 showing at the Point Cinema's Ultra Screen. It was a sold-out crowd full of enthusiasm & one of the rare occasions where people will cheer the titles & applaud at the end of a movie. I had a great time, just as I will whenever my favourite series hits the big screen.

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