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No, I am not pregnant

I discovered a new snack tonite after coming home from work. I usually like to nibble on a little something while I wind down from the day listening to "Love Line." Tonite I thought I'd cut into that huge brick of sharp cheddar from a sale a couple weeks ago. I also remembered that sometime yesterday for some reason, I wanted pickles and, for yet another reason, didn't eat any. So while munching a sliver of cheese I fished the new jar of baby dills out of the cupboard and made my next bite salty and green. I switched back and forth for a bit until the bites got closer together and I tried both at the same time. It was good stuff! and the remainder of my snack consisted of sliced cheese and baby pickles. And for those of you going "eeww" I just have to say, don't knock it until you've tried it.

I still have a load of fudge left so before work I managed to get the bars out of the pan without mutilating them and took a platterful with me. I left it out before start of shift and during breaks with an inviting note for others to come and enjoy, but no one really partook of my generosity until I hoisted the plate under their nose and said "Fuuuudge?" I'd bring it tomorrow but everyone will know they're day-old leftovers and likely be even more hesitant. I really should get rid of it; It's not good for me to have such easy access to this much chocolatey goodness. It makes an interesting headline, but "death by fudge" is not something I want in my obituary.

While writing this tonite I've received several e-mails that claim to be "undeliverable" messages sent back to me by various "postmasters," none of which I've heard of. Methinks there's another virus afoot. I deleted all messages and their attachments and blocked all senders. It gets unnerving when these things keep coming in. Firewall don't fail me now!!

I learned a new job at work tonite. Supposedly I will earn more dough for the number of jobs I am capable of handling there as part of some work incentive program or new management from the new division the facility is now a part of. I'm not exactly sure which. But with things the way they are and us slowly losing more benefits every year I figured it best to make myself as useful as possible. I don't want to be there much longer, let alone make it a carrier, but it pays the bills for now until I can find something better while still trying to get published.

For those of you who don't know what it is I do, I am an icing anointer on the night shift at the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen. Every time a nice little muffin comes by on the belt I arrogantly twist the sterile canvass snout of my fully-charged icing anointment utensil. It's clean, pays well and is unlike anything else I've done for a living, but it's gotten old and dreary. I need a change, and when I change something as significant as this I always want it to be a step up. Every job I've had has paid (a little) better than the last one. I moved up from my folks' place to my own house, when my old car died I made sure the next would have a few more years in it, when people betray me I stay away from others who might in the same way... stuff like that. But when it comes to jobs I'm not sure where I can go from here. I'm only skilled by what I've learned on the clock. I was working while many of my friends went to further education beyond high school. My only passion that has potential of supporting me is my writing which I haven't been able to do much of lately due to a block or ineptitude or whatever cosmic influence controls these kind of things. I definitely need to start looking out tho' because I don't know how many years the Kitchen will hold out. And I've just got distracted so I'm gonna complain about something else again...

I've just now received yet another "returned message," this time from MAILER-DAEMON@voyager.net, whatever that is. I only send e-mail to a handful of people and none of them use the @ addresses I've seen. Block, block and block you get, then DELETED!!

I've been invited to Japan, how cool is that? Yeah, I know, it's pretty awesome. Unfortunately, at present I had to decline. My father and I have already been talking about traveling to D.C. this year, something I've put off for too long. Retenitus Pigmentosa sucks, I hate it so much! Whatever else happens, we have to do this soon before his vision is too far gone. Even though it pains me to think about it, the trip is a priority even over visiting the SWE, for whom I've been saving as much vacation time as possible, "just in case." It will be a fun trip to take with just my father and get some bonding in. I haven't seen my parents much more than once a week since I moved out and

Crap! More stupid "returned messages." It's an epidemic. Plus, I have two people trying to talk to me on instant messengers so my concentration is shot.

... While dealing with all that plus trying to finish this entry, the only person I really wanted to talk to tonite signed in and then out when I didn't say anything right away. Great. I guess now I'll just mess around with my new scanner and upload some pictures.

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