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'Twas the night before ether

Here I am in Louisville, KY pecking away at the tiny faux keyboard on my DS. If I can connect in my room in Ashevile I may research how to make phone posts but for tonite this will do.

Made about 450 miles today. Could have gone more but when I stopped to double check my route I found I was a few miles south of Louisville instead of east so I just decided to stay here for the night. It's a good thing too because later I learned from the night manager that a fuel truck rolled over on the highway so I wouldn't have been able to continue on my original route anyway.

I brought my theremin along & it is here in the room with me but I don't think I will be able to practise tonite. I'm just too shagged out to stand anymore, which is odd considering I've spent most of the day sitting.

Woah. I closed my eyes for a moment & nearly fell asleep. I'd better take the hint.

- E V I L O U T -

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