Evil Jim (evil_jim) wrote,
Evil Jim

Ether Music Fest... AND BEYOND!!

Well folks, I'm off to the Ether Music Fest down in Asheville North Carolina. It runs from this Thursday to Sunday but I'm adding an extra day to travel either way because I can, & because I don't feel like driving for 12 hours in one day. I've almost finished packing & I'm just taking a break because I've been on my feet for the past several hours.

I only learned about the fest a month or so ago when I just got my theremin. At the time I didn't think I would be able to go but after a bit of rushing around I made my plans & reservations & now I'm leaving tomorrow morning for the journey down.

It's been a short period to pack a lot of anticipation in but I've managed to do it & probably made everyone I know sick by talking about it constantly. If I find a computer at the hotel along with some spare time I'll try to update about it but it sounds like the days will be packed. Friday & Saturday will be filled with workshops & presentations & demonstrations & all three nights will feature concerts from notable thereminists. I'm especially looking forward to meeting Lydia Kavina, great grandniece of Lev Theremin himself & considered to be the Clara Rockmore of our generation. She's very talented. You may have already heard her work since she played theremin for the Ed Wood movie soundtrack. I'm going to see if she'll autograph my theremin... or maybe my copy of the DVD.

I've never been on a road trip alone this long before so it should be an interesting experience. I did invite someone but they were unable to join me due to the extra short notice. I'll have plenty of music with me for the journey, the careful selection of which is just about all I have left in packing. Maybe an audio book too, some tapes. Wish I had a proper mp3 player.

I'm going to leave mid-morning tomorrow & lunch at Mitsuwa since my route takes me right by it through Chicago on I-90 on the way down to Indiana & beyond. Then I will try to go as far as Louisville, KY before calling it a day, arriving at Asheville just in time for registration the next day. I hope I have my timing figured out right. I usually suck at this which is why I tend to over-plan. Speaking of which, I should get back to packing.

- E V I L O U T -

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