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Evil Jim

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05:00 am: B-Fest Memories - Buried Treasure 1925

It's been a few years now, my second B-Fest was in 2005. I had been awake for many hours on little sleep & it was the adult B-Fest hours of late-late night. The only time they'll show anything stronger than a typical "R" rated film. A solid constitution can only get you through so many movies before you finally begin to fall & that's what happened to me. Plus, Beauty & the Robot was obviously not intended for human consumption. I awoke between movies while the theater was still dark. There seemed to be a great commotion in the audience; everyone was groaning, laughing & recoiling in horror all in unison. It was the middle of a short but I was so groggy & disoriented that it took me a minute to realize what we were watching. Even when those synapses in my brain finally started firing it was still unfathomable, absurd & very, very wrong. Later in the morning I had to pull sacredspud aside to ask if I'd really seen what I thought I saw. He assured me that yes, it was real & just as wrong as I'd assumed in my dazed state. The horror! So naturally this became the reason I force myself to stay as awake as possible throughout the dregs of nite, until more family-friendly fare begins showing in the morning.

So for all you B-Festers I offer to you the six minute & 20 second short I've been waiting to see ever since. I'm happy to reveal that it is currently available as a download at File Mojo & the short itself is part of a restoration project of similar silent films. So continue if you dare, and

Download: Buried Treasure - 38MB

(Please note: The short is actually from 1925, not 1917 as dated on the file)

Share & Enjoy!™

- E V I L O U T -

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Date:April 15th, 2008 01:43 am (UTC)


I can't imagine why you'd seek that out! How?! Why??! GAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Seriously, though, where'd you find that? Were you looking for it, or did you just happen across it? I won't hold it against you if it was a deliberate search, because, after all, I'm still looking for the first porn film I ever saw. Unfortunately, it's far too tame for modern audiences, and therefore out of print.

Which is too bad, because it from the late '70s and full of Mork and Mindy references.
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Date:April 15th, 2008 03:07 am (UTC)


I came across it completely by accident in a forum thread of old smut. Some as far back as the 40's & 50's. There are picture previews & I just about shrieked when I saw that one. Back at B-Fest I apparently regained semi-consciousness at the three and a half minute mark where our hero is chasing his best friend who has just been attacked by a crab.

So did you download & watch it or just intrinsically know what it was by description?

Your comment reminded me of a BTC IRC quote reprinted under a Bigger Than Cheeses Comic.
[21:05] [Bakerboy] A few days back I downloaded a porn. It turned out to be the full version of some clips I downloaded years ago. I never thought porn would make me nostalgic
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