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B-Fest Memories - Buried Treasure 1925

It's been a few years now, my second B-Fest was in 2005. I had been awake for many hours on little sleep & it was the adult B-Fest hours of late-late night. The only time they'll show anything stronger than a typical "R" rated film. A solid constitution can only get you through so many movies before you finally begin to fall & that's what happened to me. Plus, Beauty & the Robot was obviously not intended for human consumption. I awoke between movies while the theater was still dark. There seemed to be a great commotion in the audience; everyone was groaning, laughing & recoiling in horror all in unison. It was the middle of a short but I was so groggy & disoriented that it took me a minute to realize what we were watching. Even when those synapses in my brain finally started firing it was still unfathomable, absurd & very, very wrong. Later in the morning I had to pull sacredspud aside to ask if I'd really seen what I thought I saw. He assured me that yes, it was real & just as wrong as I'd assumed in my dazed state. The horror! So naturally this became the reason I force myself to stay as awake as possible throughout the dregs of nite, until more family-friendly fare begins showing in the morning.

So for all you B-Festers I offer to you the six minute & 20 second short I've been waiting to see ever since. I'm happy to reveal that it is currently available as a download at File Mojo & the short itself is part of a restoration project of similar silent films. So continue if you dare, and

Download: Buried Treasure - 38MB

(Please note: The short is actually from 1925, not 1917 as dated on the file)

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