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Evil Jim

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12:46 am: Case Worker
I don't know what it is but I've been getting more and more tired as tonight goes on. This is uncommon because usually after I get home from work at ten thirty o'clock or so I rest for a bit to shake off the drive home and to actually sit on something that isn't moving. Then I work out, shower and by then I've bounced back and am ready to do whatever it is I do for a few more hours before bed. Right now I'm about ready to pass out. I've already napped through half of Love Line.

Tonite I managed to get my workout in which is good because I missed a few last week what with other things going on and coming in at odd times. Nothing major: I stretch out for a while, do squats and touch my toes fifty times each and do as many crunches and pushups as I can tolerate. It felt good but after that I started to fade. It felt good to rest, but there's still more I want to do tonite. Maybe writing can help bring me out of it.

I actually stayed up at first alarm today (maybe that's why I'm sleepy now.) First thing I did was start filling that new bookcase. I emptied about five file boxes and filled the shelves in no particular order. My main goal was to get the stuff into it with plans to organize it later (or never.) All my art books are finally easily accessible. Granted, most of them are for M.C. Escher but I like the guy. There's another called Full Moon that is nothing but photographs of Luna taken during the Apollo missions. I bought this one because I've always been fascinated with our only natural satellite, and to provide inspiration to the novella I'm trying to write. Without going into the next room to check I can also list the volumes of comic anthologies that I still haven't lost interest in like Fox Trot, The Far Side, Bizarro, Get Fuzzy and the best of all, Calvin and Hobbes. I have a handful of card trick books, my "Complete Idiots Guides" to things like Chess, Learning Latin, Massage, Writing, Dating (yes, I really have that last one, shut up) and an outdated one for computers that I bought a day before my IBM Thinkpad™ several years ago. There are a couple Stephen King hardcovers that are too thick to fit anywhere else, my copy of the Boomer Bible which is a massive parody of the christian bible, several of my paperback copies of The War of the Worlds bought solely for the paintings of the Martian fighting machines on the covers, a borrowed copy of 1984, a purchased copy of 1984, a small box of optical illusion cards and flyers, the first and only fan fiction script for Oklahoma Jim, and of course, some weird stuff. The unit is as tall as I am so there's plenty of stuff I can't remember right now with my fuzzy little mind fuzzier than normal. That's just one. I have another stocked with my H.P. Lovecraft and Cthulhu fiction, as well as more roleplaying books than any normal person should have.

I was pretty unorganized in stocking the shelves, filled more with the excitement of finally having a place to put these books rather than how to put them there. I'm considering leaving them as-is since the case is in the living room and will give guests something interesting to browse if I'm not in the room to entertain them. If I'm expecting company I often just leave a sign on the front door for them to come in and just go about my business until they arrive. If I'm in the shower or something I'd prefer they have something to do while they wait rather than just sit there thinking of my sleek, glistening body as I step out of the steaming spray and slowly towel off my chiseled physique. So... yeah. Books are good. I Still have a lot in Jumbo File™ boxes but that's a good place for my massive comic collection. Plus, the handles make them easy to move and I can use them to quickly barricade the door if need be.

Hmm. My mind has drifted to books when half the day I was thinking about Excel Saga. I'm two episodes form the end of the series which we'll watch at the club in two weeks. A bunch of us want to cosplay (read as: "costume play") as characters from the show when we go to Anime Central in April. I began writing a script in my head for a sketch we could do at the masquerade when everyone at the con in a costume can have their five minutes of fame onstage. I think I'll watch a couple more episodes again before I actually begin writing. Plus, my hands are getting cold from all this typing and it's late.

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Current Music: Album: "Drinking Bird" (unreleased) by Colin Gagnon


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Date:November 25th, 2003 05:05 am (UTC)
Wow, somebody's written an Oklahoma Jim fanfic? I actually had a couple of people PAY for Captain Spleen 1, and nobody ever wrote a Captain Spleen fanfic.
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Date:November 25th, 2003 10:25 pm (UTC)
Yup, and you know the guy who wrote it. Jon, from my gaming group. It was one of the best birthday gifts I've ever recieved. (Tho' I've now heard Hal is pretty good at that.)
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