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Midwest Gaming Classic 2008 (mostly pinball)

matt_william & I just got back from the Midwest Gaming Classic 2008 in Oconomowoc. I had planned to play a lot of pinball there but did not expect anywhere near the number of machines they had available. Literally scores of pinball machines from all ages which probably took up 90% of the total classic arcade games there. I was in heaven.

I spent a LOT of time on the Twilight Zone pinball machine, an old favourite from the early 90s that I had a lot of fun on back when Aladdin's Castle would have late-nite lock-ins at the mall. Back when the mall had an Aladdin's castle. There are a lot of fun toys on the machine & all of the play modes are fun. It's a table where I can play game after game & never get tired (except for being on my feet for hours.) My highest score was 449 million, I am proud to say. And while I was photographing the scoreboard the owner came up & asked if I wanted him to remove the table glass so I could take some better pictures. I couldn't refuse so now I have some fantastic shots of the playfield. I may post them later.

The Addams Family is another great table & there was one right next to one of the three Twilight Zone games scattered at the convention. Matt & I were thrilled & put plenty of time into both of these. These games are very similar; from the art style, types of play modes, sheer number of toys, as well as being very fun & addictive, it shouldn't be surprising they were both designed by Pat Lawlor & Larry DeMar of Midway. When I discovered this I resolved to find others by these guys, in search for the perfect combination.

For me it was really the Midwest Pinball Classic, but there was plenty of other stuff there. There were a lot more playable games than last year but fewer vendors & about the same number of speakers & other presentations. A different balance but overall more fun.

Matt placed in the B-Division pinball tournament (again!) this time bringing home 3rd with a cash prize & shiny trophy. I finally entered this year but barely missed qualifying. I had lots of good games over the weekend but it's hard to plan your best game ahead of time. I'm still proud of my Twilight Zone score.

While playing a Sinbad table this afternoon a fellow came up behind me & asked "Do you mind if I talk to you while you play?" I said sure & he came around, clipped a microphone to my lapel & started filming with this huge camera. Turns out he was from Fox News in Milwaukee getting footage & interviews for this evening's (Sunday) news programme. I am quoted briefly on their website here, tho' I do not know where he got "Springfield, Illinois" from. They also did a news segment on Saturday night's news which is (painfully) viewable here. If they post anything more about me I'll be sure to link it.

We were there from opening to closing both days & enjoyed every minute of it no matter how tiring on the feet. We met Tic & Zac there today & everyone got to meet Walter Day who was there as a speaker & to sell his video game records score books. I found some neat swag in the dealer's room -- the little time I spent there -- including a Jack Bot translite, which I hope to get into a light box for display someday. For now, I need to rest. My mind is scattered & my feet are tired. It's been a fun & busy weekend. I look forward to more like it.

- E V I L O U T -

Watch the video for some familiar faces Link. :D
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