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Frustration has been inherent this weekend, tho' not in all aspects of my life. I was delighted to find a new DVD had arrived in the mail Friday afternoon but much to my dismay it wouldn't play in my DVD-ROM drive. In fact, it crashed my computer! A number of times as I tried to figure out what the fudge was wrong. I could hear the disc start and stop many times, then shift to high gear and spin so fast as to make me expect to see smoke billow from the tower. Other DVDs seemed to work fine which led me to believe that the new one was faulty. I resolved to look into return procedures.

Saturday I took home my new scanner and a new DVD box set. Playing the latter this morning found these, too, to be inoperational, as well as random discs from my collection. My system is now very unstable when I try to play DVDs. However, CD-ROMS still work ok as proved by proper installation of my scanner software.

This evening I visited the folks and tried out the new, possibly faulty, DVDs on their computer's DVD-ROM which worked fine. Thereby leading me to conclude (minus much creative dialogue directed toward, Elvira, the drive in question and various random objects around the house) that it is the drive in error and not the discs. This is both a relief and further irritation because tho' I don't have to struggle with trying to return or exchange open DVDs, I still have a problem with my drive that I don't know how to fix. I don't know what's wrong or where to go for repair. This has happened once before with said drive but the person who assembled my computer offered an easy yet creative solution which has worked ever since... until now. Presently, I have a couple options left, tho' they don't seem very promising. The startup scandisc has been popping up with an " invalid long file name" message whenever I run it and running a full scandisc may fix that. Wheter it's related or not I don't know, but it couldn't hurt. I've already looked for updates and patches to no avail, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling software. I'll ask around for other ideas. Hopefully this is just some dumb simple thing that can be fixed without an expensive repair. But it's really bad timing. It had to happen just when I received a big stack of new anime. I feel like that poor fellow from the Twilight Zone episode, "Time Enough at Last."

On a happier note, I made fudge today! Gail gave me some when I stopped by her store Friday. We got to talking about it and she gave me the recipe. It's real easy too, with three ingredients and about three steps. Mine turned out ok this afternoon but it's a little hard to get out of the pan. It's more like really thick frosting. I'm not sure whether it's supposed to be like that or if there's something I didn't get quite right. Maybe it'll harden once it dries out a little. I'll try again once this pan is finished off. I shouldn't be eating so many sweets but once I get better at it I'll be able to share.

Monica left a message on the machine while I was at A-Club so I called her today and we talked for over two hours. She's learning fung shuei (however that's spelled) and gave me some tips to help attract a mate which was sweet of her. Once I get a new bedroom set I'll have to be sure to keep it symmetrical so as to be more inviting for a significant other, ie. matching bedstands, pillows, etc. However, she didn't say anything about attracting multiple mates. After all, women are like Voltron, the more you can hook up, the better it gets (five points to whomever recognizes the reference.)

Anime Club was great Saturday. I drove Matt and Sarah and we arrived early to, among other things, partake in the pre-show social hour which has expanded to accommodate interest in BESM and other games. There was a round of Fluxx which lasted an hour and a half while I taught Sarah and Craig proper banter on Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond. At long last my file box full of Cheap Ass Games is getting some use. I have quite a few that I bought because they looked amusing and fun but so rarely had opportunity to play them. Must try to show up early again in future and bring Zombies!!!. And now that I've just searched the site to provide the link I've found there's now another expansion I'll have to look into. Zombies! Zombie!! ZOMBIEEEEEEES!!!

I'm really getting into Last Exile now with the latest two action packed episodes. Unless something cataclysmic happens that I can't stand, I'll likely be buying this one eventually. It's really not as depressing as Sheree made it out to be. There's real drama but enough humor to balance it out. There's more depth in Onegai Teacher as it moves along but a number of people still file out as soon as it starts. I almost feel like doing the same thing now and then during Ghost in the Shell but I'll give it some time. This week I was able to follow the episodes without dozing and if they stay at that pace I can enjoy it.

The jewel of the evening was the Tylor OVA. It was a LOT better than I expected and much like a couple extended episodes of the original series. I'm glad I stayed because I had been fearing the worst. I have OVA 3: "From Here to Eternity" which really disappointed me as far as animation and story went. It looks like a different company animated it and the characters feel two dimensional. At least, that's what I remember from the one time I watched it. I will still stay for the next OVAs at Club if any others are as good as the one we saw Saturday. Matt even said he could be perfectly happy if that's where the story ended and I agree. There were also some elements that were very appropriate considering it was V-Day. Yes, I spent Valentine's day watching anime rather than with a true love, but when the time comes, the woman I marry will have to understand this hobby or better yet, enjoy it with me. Now all I gotta do is find her/them.

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