Evil Jim (evil_jim) wrote,
Evil Jim

party aftermath + OMG DST!

Thanks to everyone who came to my birthday/movie party this weekend. Especially to matt_william who made sure I didn't have to go to the Nitty Gritty alone. It was all great fun with some nice surprises from those who arrived on time even tho' they thought they'd have to be late... It was also the first time I'd ever heard 5 people play a theremin at once. Man, you'd have to have been there.

Daylight Savings Time began last nite for those not in the know. This is only part of the reason I ended up sleeping until four this afternoon. The other part is that I have to take Jon to work at six o'clock Monday morning while his car is in the shop. Anyway, I conclude with a short video on the dangers of messing with the sun.

Daylight Savings

- E V I L O U T -

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