Evil Jim (evil_jim) wrote,
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Video Gams Live!

Wow. What an amazing day of live, interactive music. Lemme sum up.

I started off the afternoon with sacredspud for a rousing presentation of Douglas Fairbanks' 1916 film, Flirting with Fate at the Capitol theater. Accompanied of course by live music from the theater's ancient pipe organ. The movie itself was a fun lighthearted romp where "Fairbanks plays a heartbroken artist who decides he has nothing to live for and hires a professional killer to do the deed. But when his true love takes him back, he has to find a way to call off the assassin." For a leading man I still prefer Harold Lloyd -- especially in such a stunt-filled climactic finale -- but Fairbanks does a fine job of an everyday Joe prone to love at first sight.

After dropping Colin off I booked across town to pick up thetick_27, whereupon we proceeded forthwith to Milwaukee (the good land) for Video Games Live at the fabulous Riverside Theater. This was a spur of the moment trip because not three days before I learned that due to my preregistration for this year's Midwest Gaming Classic I won tickets to the concert!

Video Games Live should not be confused with Play! A Video Game Symphony that I attended two years ago. Both have similar programming but Play! is a bit more upscale & dignified. They feature video game music played by symphony orchestra & choir synchronized with the games themselves projected onto a large screen. VGL even had some interactive features. In one instance a fellow from the audience was called on stage to play Space Invaders by wearing a motion sensing shirt to move the missile defense turret on screen. Another had two young women competing at Frogger. Both games of course featuring perfectly timed LIVE MUSIC. I would have died to play Space Invaders like that.

There were a couple special guests there, most surprising was this guy, who gained Internet fame a while ago by releasing a video of himself playing the Super Mario Brothers theme on piano while blindfolded. He had a number of pieces during the show, both with & without blindfold. He's very talented & I can see a great future for him in music. Tho' I'm not as impressed as most folks with the blindfolded playing. Ray Charles did it all his life.

The suite fromTRON was the biggest surprise of the night. Tick & I went nuts. Tho' when they implied that the piece was not from a video game but a movie about video games someone called out "Last Starfighter!" That would have been awesome as well.

The concert at a whole was exciting & a lot of fun. MGC was even kind enough to spring for the $60 tickets on the main floor as opposed to the nosebleed section far above with all the kids. The only drawback was too much Final Fantasy music. I estimate about a half hour's worth all put together. That's a bit much for one series. The music is nice enough but I don't see why people go ga-ga over it. Music from Shadow of the Colossus on the other hand would have made me just melt. Fortunately they didn't encore on that One Wing Angel piece like Play! did. They finale'd on a suite from Castlevania! I went nuts again.

On the way back Tick & I stopped for food at what I believe is the same Perkin's matt_william& I stopped at for breakfast during last year's MGC. I took him home & we spent some time there playing with my new theremin into the wee hours of the morning. Today, Sunday, I haven't left the house. I've been going back & forth between practicing the theremin & catching up on the anime I missed at Club last nite. Speaking of, it's about time for practice again.

- E V I L O UT T -

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