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January 27: Write about a used car

It was old, much like many used cars. It had a history, much like many more used cars. It had style, it had class, much like far fewer used cars. But most importantly, it was mine.

Inheriting a vehicle is indeed a shitty way to get one. I would much rather have my grandfather instead. But this made the car all the more precious to me. I didn't drive it hard, I kept it maintained & clean & I enjoyed driving.

It was an '85 Chevy Celebrity, maroon with tiny bit of chrome detailing. It was square & blocky like many cars of the '80s which meant the dashboard was flat & I could actually store items there in a convenient manner. There were a lot of things right with this car & I was sad to see it go.

I moved into my new home in 2003. A big change & a giant step in my life. The Celebrity came with me, a bridge between my old life & the new. It didn't keep me company for long though. It had developed gremlins over the previous year. Mysterious problems that would cause the engine to inexplicably shut off at highway speeds or only start up at three out of five cranks. Some folks may have their own theories based on these brief descriptions but you know you have gremlins when the mechanic you've taken the same car to for eight years cannot find the cause of your problem. It was time for a change.

That spring my dad helped me shop for my next vehicle. Without ever needing to shop for a new car before his advice was invaluable. We found another Chevy at a tiny dealership in a small town a few miles away. It suited my needs for transportation, ran well (still does) included a CD player & honest-to-goodness Air Conditioning. It's all right but will never spark the same sentiment as the old Celebrity.

So what happened to the original Car of Evil™? It remained at my parent's place for a while since it was unreliable & I had by then been driving the next one. Word passed around in my family that I was selling & it was bought by a friend of my Grandmother's neighbour. I kid you not. So it was sold, picked up & money changed hands all while I was away to Anime Central in 2003. The price my parent's negotiated was pitifully low but due to the gremlins I had to accept it. I used the money to purchase a Push Reel Mower for the lawn at my new home which is still in good working condition. It's not the same as cruising around in an old car from the '80s but it's good enough for now.

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