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There's something about this bagpipes CD I have that's magical. I've had people who say they hate bagpipe music ask for a copy upon hearing it. It's unlike any other I've ever heard. In the summer of 2001 a friend of Josh's has a collection of CDs and culled the best of the best from them onto one disc. Josh had his own copy for maybe a day when a bunch of us were over for D&D and he wanted to show us the first track which he said would be a perfect theme song for our group. It was called Hellbound Train by the Victoria Police. It was a unanimous hit and has been a group favourite ever since.

I almost demanded to borrow the disc so I could copy it that very weekend. Somehow he allowed me to take it home and later that night I used my parents' new computer to burn my first ever CDROM. I still have it. The first track is only a couple seconds long because I thought I screwed up and popped the disc out just after it started. The quality isn't the best because I accidently converted all the files to MP3 before burning. The tracklist is hard to read because I crammed 18 songs on 15 lines, but it's still great. I'm currently trying to hunt down some of the music on its original albums since I enjoy it so much I don't feel right any more with my copies. Which reminds me... I believe Matt has a nifty two-disc set of good pipers. I'll have to remember to ask about that soon.

I think Elvira must have PMS today or something. She's been giving me difficulty downloading web pages with applets and gifs lately. Not only that, earlier today she actually tried to eat a DVD! I watched one just fine, switched it out and it didn't play. I could hear it spinning faster and sloooooower, faster and slooower, repeat ad nauseam. I had to eject it manually and checked it out. Shiny side down, one disc per tray and laying flat. I tried it again and got the same thing. So I closed the DVD player program and tried again. This time I could hear it spinning at a light speed! fast enough to vibrate the stuff on top of my tower. I had to eject it manually again and smelled hot plastic. Not good! In an attempt to avoid letting the disc spin on the tray itself I stuck my finger up through the hole underneath the tray and caught it, still spinning. It was going so fast that I could barely feel it and lasted several seconds before I stopped that manually. Damn. I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that the disc I tried to watch was Phantom Quest Corp. Ticked off, I closed everything, restarted in "safe" mode and ran my antivirus program just to be safe before going to work. Having tried it now after coming home for the night it seems to work just fine, even the Phantom Quest disc with new scratches all around the outer edge. Don't know how it happened but I don't want to do that again. Anyway, since it began on the 12th, it's not a good sign for Friday.

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