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Oh dear oh deary dear. I ordered a stack of anime DVDs from miang's friend in Jersey Monday and they arrived today. It's so tempting to forgo an entry tonite and just dive in. It looks like I made some good choices considering all I had to go on were brief descriptions I looked up online. But they were very reasonably priced which was hard to resist. I think a good 90% are comedy now that I can see the screenshots and flavour text which tips the balance of my collection heavily in that direction, but the sense of humor is one thing I really like about anime. I have some more ordered from amazon.com that should be arriving soon. It's nice to have a good backlog of unwatched stuff for emergencies.

Speaking of emergencies (well, not really but I couldn't think of a better segue without cutting into my anime viewing time shortly) I woke up at 9:45 in the am today, 15 minutes before I was due at an appointment. I hate when that happens. I think I set the alarm to "radio" rather than "alarm," allowing me to (sleep through most of and then) awaken to the pleasant strains of soft classical music. Once I realized this I was up and out the door much faster than I prefer first thing after waking and made it to the barber maybe 5-10 minutes late. Not too bad if I do say so myself (and I do) and it appeared to be slow so it's not like I set back the day's appointments.

So anyway, yes, I did get a haircut today. The first one in over three years. The first time a barber has even come near my lovely long locks with a sharp instrument. I'd been trimming here and there myself now and then to try to keep things manageable but it finally got to the point where I feared I'd only be making things worse by continuing and decided to let a professional handle the rest. I think she did a good job. It didn't take very long and she complemented me on how thick my hair is. (I don't really understand this. It's not like it's something I make an effort to produce. But since it's usually girls that notice, I don't mind.) Anyway, the cut looks good, I think it will be a little easier to take care of now that the split ends are gone and won't tangle so much, and I'll try to remember to go back before another three years have passed.

One thing about having to get up early mornings (note: early morning for me is before 10 o'clock) is all that extra time after the appointment is done and before I have to clock in at work. Semi liquids seem to be having good luck with me this week so today I made chili. I even threw in some ground beef and elbow macaroni for good luck. So far I've just been using mix packets from the store but if you have a good recipe to share I'd be glad to try it out. This packet was larger than usual so I finally got to break out my *shiny* new stainless steel kettle! It's big. It's huge. It's shiny. It's ... yeah. Shiny. It worked well, but I could have fit several more servings in there. It'll be great for when I have lots of company or get really hungry for chili and don't want company. Ida made cornbread today if I thought of it, but didn't have any eggs. Next time, tho'.

My train of thought is derailing in the direction of the stack of DVDs to my immediate left. I should probably go see if there are any survivors.

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