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January 10: Write about a wound

Never before have I been hurt this much. Never before has injury to me been inflicted to deeply, so permanently that I will never recover. You have wounded me & I will never forgive you.

The only joy I can profess now is of the knowledge that when we part today I will never see you again. You have been to me little more than a source of pain in my life. I am sorry we ever met. I regret ever approaching you at our club that day. I thought we had something in common, something we both could share. But all you ever wanted to do was hurt me. Strike me down & pin me to the earth with your ego.

Your blade is tarnished now. That is something else I can enjoy knowing in our final moments together. You will never be the same either. You'll have to live on with the knowledge of what you've done. You know what you did to me. But I know what will happen to you.

You'll be found out. Believe me, you won't be able to hide for long. They'll catch you & want to hurt you too, just like you did to me. And when you're caught you'll be banished by our peers. Locked away. I hope you enjoyed our last encounter because you'll never sword fight again.

- E V I L O U T -
Tags: practice, story

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