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January 6: Write about bathing

I stepped through the whirling orange exit portal into another corridor. This one was shorter than I expected but I couldn't see that far around the corner from across the bay. Further down was the elevator behind the usual Material Emancipation Grid. I'd come to hate these things. For some reason it's always worse when you don't take something else with you. But this time I couldn't go back for a camera or storage cube or even that litter left behind by whomever was trapped here before me. I'd been getting sick of leftover beans anyway.

I stepped through & felt the grid buzz through me, rippling across my skin like a strange electrified vibration fused with ozone. The gun automatically turned itself off & the orange loop of swirling energy behind me distorting the view to the bay spun away into bright mist, leaving the blank wall. I spit. This time it was nearly all blood. My fillings were long gone (if I ever had them) & now one of my upper teeth were loose. Wait, make that two. It seems that bringing some other object besides the gun through distorts the field enough to allay physical harm, even tho' anything else is disintegrated. As it is I'll probably be eating my last meal through a straw.

The elevator doors open, I entered & was back on another wild ride. This "enrichment center" must be immense. The elevators always seems to take forever but still feels like they're traveling at incredible speed. It didn't take long to hate them. They're claustrophobic & vibrate in an unnatural way. Plus, the gun is useless here.

I usually just stare at the ceiling, or that Aperture Laboratories logo above the door. When I get out of here they're getting the biggest lawsuit anyone has ever seen. Abducting people, sending them through this death-trap maze "testing chamber". None of this can be legal. I'm not even sure how I got involved in any of this. I just woke in a cell & have been following instructions from that crazy computerized voice ever since. No wonder this place is so messed up.

The elevator stopped & doors pulled open again. Beyond was a corridor lined with portal proof walls. Another clever test. I'm still taking the gun with me when I leave this place. It has to be the most fabulous object in the world. As soon as I step out there's that voice again. That unnatural AI. Still, it's useful at times.
"The experiment is nearing its conclusion. The Enrichment Center is required to remind you that you will be bathed, and then there will be cake."

Thank goodness. God I could use a shower.

- E V I L O U T -
Tags: fanfic, practice

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