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Evil Jim

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12:00 pm: January 5: Write about a day moon
(by hand, as suggested by the book)

Day-moon! Be-sa day-ay-ya-moon! (ye gads)

I enjoy a good day moon. Tho' I'm usually up late nights I don't spend a lot of time outside to see it at the proper time. At least, not in January.

You could say I go through 'phases' in my love of the night sky. Sometimes I hardly notice what's up there & only see it when I'm not busy going from one place to another. Others, I'm out there every chance I get, in between thoughts or just between rooms.

This extends to the day sky as well. As much as I love a nice sunny day my eyes are particularly sensitive to bright light so I typically avert my eyes, thus ensuring more to miss.

I'm not astronomer but I do have an idea how things work. Without checking the Internetpedia I can tell you the. . . (long pause) Ok, actually I would have to check for that. But basically... nope. That wouldn't work either.

But again, I do enjoy a good day moon when I see one. This is typically in the morning or evening when the sun has a good view of both moon & earth without blinding us from seeing one or the other. Often details of craters rockets & cheese are blurred due to illumination of Earth's atmosphere in between. I rather like seeing the moon this way; all in white but bathed in blue. As if it had spontaneously spawned seas & oceans, or were simply fading back into the sky from whence it came. I've seen it in orange, red, brown, gray, black & ghostly white at night, but only in day have I seen a true blue moon.

(My handwriting is so much slower than typing it's pitiful.)

E V I L O U T -

Happy birthday Nick!

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