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Not Dog Soup

Last night I felt like planning an actual meal for a change and set up my ingredients for 'ot dog soup to cook today. Only, I substituted half the ingredients for something different, using polish sausage instead of the 'ot dogs and other vegetables for the carrots. It's still quite good and doesn't really taste much different than if I had gone by the book. Must be the spices and salty meat that overpowers the taste of everything else. Naturaly I had to go and eat half of it so I can be uncomfortably full for the rest of the day. Ah well, it's better than ramen again.

Had my taxes done this morning. Good ol' H&R block saving me from more headaches once again. And since my deductions weren't enough to warrant otherwise we still used the short form which I guess is better since it's cheaper. A lot has happened in the last year to affect my tax stuff but for me it was little more than handing the proper statements across the desk when asked for. It went very smooth with the only snag of having to call my landlord's office to find out the breakdown of property tax in my rent. Regina was very bitchy for whatever reasons (actually, I would be too if I had to be her) and either didn't have the information available today or didn't feel like getting it for me. But after I hung up we were able to make an estimate based on my rent and all was well. I'll be getting some bucks back as usual and tho' I should be using it to help pay off my loan, A-Cen is coming up and now that I'm a year closer to becoming otaku it'll probably go to that.

I really don't feel like sending my bank any more money than I have to for my mortgage. I went in for an appointment to refinance which was a waste of fuel since it was just a preliminary meeting and something we could have discussed over the phone. There was some fees my loan officer said he was going to try to have waived for me since they were unnecessary but couldn't do it right away since the boss was out. He was going to call and leave a message with an answer that afternoon or the next day. Well, two weeks later I called him collect (long distance) to find out WTF was up. Turns out, there was a death or something in his boss' wife's family and he was still out dealing with that. Great. I probably sound like a jerk for being annoyed at that but my guy could have at least had the courtesy of calling me to say there was a delay rather than ignoring me for the next two weeks. I should call again in the next couple days -- collect again, of course -- to get an update. I've since had to send in another payment at 16 or whatever percent interest which is outrageous. If they keep this up I'm gonna change banks. At least now I have the credit history to make finding another that much easier.

What else before I gots ta go ta werk? Um... Just that I've missed a few days posting due to other people and things coming up at the time of night I usually write them. Even so, I still read friends' posts daily. Which will be a reminder to self to see if I can come up with some input to help miang and her latest dilemma. Considering I'm still a noob compared to some other LJ users I follow, and that I only have four or five people on my own "friends" list this may not be much. But it's an incentive to learn some other features that I haven't looked into yet. I really should, I'm paying for them.

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