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A Writer's Book of Days

I just finished archiving last year's collection of journal posts. A total of 43 entries. There have been many more shorter entries but I'm only counting the ones worth saving for my own records. 43. It's a bit of a slump, I'd say. A slump would probably be putting it lightly. I haven't written anything of real substance since I don't know when. There have been plenty of weekend recaps & whatnot but as for readable, enjoyable fiction it's been pitiful. I have two stories that have been rattling around in my head for ages now that have plenty of material to be brought to the page fully complete but my mechanics for true composition are so rusty that I don't feel I can do them justice anymore. Sure, I have reasons for lack of writing & especially journal updates, but voicing them would not be pleasant for writer or reader here. Needless to say I've got to get back on track if ever I'm going to make anything of myself.

Mom loaned me a book a couple of weeks ago. It's A Writer's Book of Days which is a companion to awakening & working with one's muse. It's full of guidelines & suggestions on how to keep writing & a topic on which to write for each day of the year. This is just what I've needed.
[e]ach of us has so much we want to write about, a deluge of ideas, memories, and images, that we can become paralyzed by the infinite choice. The brain simply can't make up its mind so it launches into what it does best; measuring, judging, calculating. Thinking. The worst possible thing for writing practice.

I get plenty of ideas for stories & whatnot but quite a time now have had such trouble on finding where to start. Some detail, or scene or event where a story can begin. That's why several times in the past I've asked for suggestions, just to have something to start with, no matter how small the kernel. Well here's a whole list of them, one for each day of the year.

This is what I will be doing for a while. An experiment if you will. I need to get back into writing every day, however in/significant the subject. This is why some entries may be random, inconsequential or vary wildly from theme to theme. I'm going to see how long I can keep this up & what effect it has on my me & my writing.

It's been a decent start so far. I wrote three entries just tonite just to catch up with the first of the year, then felt compelled to go right on with this one. It's a good feeling & I hope I can keep up the motivation as well as it's been going tonite.

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