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Evil Jim

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01:00 am: My first Moog may not be paper
First thing is first. This is your first warning about the upcoming annual EVANGELATHON at the House of Evil™ this next January 1rd, 2008! The official announcement is in the works but all you need to know right now is all episodes will be shown. REdeath will be inflicted. Merriment will be had. Be there!


In short, Xmas is going to be very simple this year. Tho the Parents of Evil™ & I are still visiting with the usual extended family next week but this time they've opted out of exchanging gifts. The reasoning being that everyone is old enough to have everything they need already making the gift-exchange part a bit unnecessary. This came as a bit of a shock to me since I still like presents, but I was assured that my parents & I will still be exchanging.

Where are my downloadable .pdf instructions???This does not, however, prevent me from getting ideas & planning to do a few things on my own. One thing I'm trying to do right now is find some papercraft models for my friend & musician Stone -- who by the way does not read my journal... I hope. Unfortunately, the model I want most, the Moog Modular V (pictured left) is nowhere to be found. Certainly it's linked from scores of music & papercraft enthusiast websites alike, (believe me, I've checked them all) but they all link to the original source which has since expired! Didn't anyone archive the original pattern??

Where are the other Moog's downloadable .pdf instructions???My options are not entirely exhausted. There is a nice set of Moog Modular Gear (pictured right) readily available and a different ridiculously limited & priced set at sdiycut.com, but I really had my heart set on the Moog Modular V. I'm going to keep on searching in hopes that someone had the sense to archive the file, especially since the original source is Japanese & who can read that anyway.

I haven't been entirely useless today tho'. I've begun work on converting a book into a safe. If & when it's successfully completed I'll post pictures & show how I did it. The first step you can easily imagine, having to procure said book which I did at the used bookstore tonite. While there I also found a DVD of Clerks II & the oft talked, rarely seen PS2 title, Mister Mosquito. One of which I've seen already, the other I've not. Updates to come. Maybe. No promisies.

Made some progress yesterday on the laundry situation. Washed everything that needed washing & folded & put away most of it. This time around when re-making the bed I switched to flannel sheets (finally!) & threw on my two favourite quilts. Then I did the same thing I do every year the first time I deck out the bed for winter. I overslept! I slept nearly 12 hours this time. Not because I was tired or sick or lazy, but because it just felt soooo gooood! One of the things I actually like about winter is having that cozy warm womb of heavy bed linnen to sleep in, yet somehow I forget between April & December of each year when the blankets are off. It takes a few nights to get used to the difference. I should probably see if going to bed earlier helps adjust. It's certainly no difficult now falling asleep.

- E V I L O U T -

Current Music: Kill Bill Theme (extended & on repeat)
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Date:December 17th, 2007 01:57 pm (UTC)
i just solde my copy of Ka(Mister Mosquito) had i known that you whanted that game i would have let you have it(i got 4 bucks for it)paid 304 or five years ago. but im prity sher noone liked playing it when i had it out.
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