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Over the woods and through the river

My first thought naturally, was to delete the last post as it was purely a product of my frustration and need to vent which was not significantly effective. But I thought instead, to leave it as a point of interest to study, and as a record of the event. After all, I wrote it and it was me at the time of its writing, even tho' it seems alien to me now. I don't enjoy being angry and it's difficult to imagine myself as such.

Looking back, It doesn't really convey all of what I felt. Annoyed, obviously, but thankfully I only wrote for fifteen minutes. Heck, I could've finished watching episode 22 of Excel Saga but at the time I was too distracted to concentrate on the show. Dad called just as I was writing the last line about being happy and I rushed off immediately after. Things went up from then on. As soon as I started my car the CD began playing from where it left off the day before at "The Great Gig in the Sky" by Pink Floyd. "Dark Side of the Moon" always does well to calm and improve my mood and by the time I got into town I had chilled enough to be civil to my father and we were able to enjoy the trip up north. I don't hold anything against him. I know excrement occurs and plans get delayed through no one's fault. I still dont' like football tho'.

The (early) Thanksgiving at Grandma's was excellent as always. We even had a little more peace than usual. During a TV news article last night about the anniversary of the assassination of J.F.K., my uncle rudely spoke out in favour of the tragedy which prompted a quick response from my mother that silenced him for the rest for the evening. He and my aunt were rather quiet for the rest of the night and continued through today when we gathered again for the big Turkey diner. It was odd but a nice change of pace since the rest of us didn't have to listen to his racist bigotry which he makes obvious at least once per family gathering. I mentioned their silence later while driving Dad home and he suspects my uncle receved a scolding from my aunt the night before. Maybe. Whatever. They're two very opinionated people and I try not to let it bother me. I spent most of my time with Grandma anyway.

I'm glad to see that she's still well and in good health. Here, we had this sudden and last-minute change of plans so my mom and aunt could be there to help her out in the kitchen before the big dinner and here she'd already taken care of everything during the two weeks prior. The only thing my mom did was frost the cake for Dad, who's birthday we observed (also early) since we were all together this weekend anyway. Hopefully we'll have a little better planning for Decemberween next month when we all get together again. The day's meal is basically a repeat of Thanksgiving which is my favourite out of the whole year. It's been beneficial in years past when I've been sick on one holiday or another.

I got home safe and sound and immediately began assembling the new bookcase purchased Friday. It feels silly to get excited about something like this, but it's something new and it's another step toward organizing my house the way I want it. Twenty years ago I never would have thought my favourite toys would be books. Yee gads! It's hard to believe I can remember back that far now. But I can; early days of school, being just barely tall enough for the rides at Six Flags and not having a lot of patience for reading. Comic books were about all I read for a while; my mom's old Gold Key comics, Family Circus books and Dad's B.C. collections. Now I have many times my own body weight in pressed dead tree pulp and it's constantly growing. Hopefully I'll kill a few trees myself someday, twisting the minds of today's youth, making the world a stranger place and maybe becoming a little more well known in the process. Until then, I'll have other outlets to express myself, and if you do read me, hopefully it wont be in the police report or obituary.

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