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Desert Bus for Hope

Indeed I haven't been around much this weekend. I don't normally seclude myself to this extent but for the past few days I have hardly left my computer room, huddled uncomfortably close to the icy glow of my monitor watching the doomed plight of the LRR crew as they make their endless journey across the desert.

Have you heard of Desert Bus? It's a mini-game in the unreleased Penn & Teller: Smoke & Mirrors for the Sega CD. If not, educate yourself now.

The brave crew at Loading Ready Run are well under way in their charity drive for Child's Play, the organization created by the Penny Arcade guys. The way it works is, if you donate through their PayPal account, every dollar you give them goes towards increasing the time they have to spend playing the infamous game, Desert Bus. They have four drivers driving in four hour increments each & they will continue to play for the amount of time your contributions have racked up. Current donations have set them at 101 hours & they've only played through 72.

A big source of entertainment for this event is the interactivity. There are live cams for the driver as well as the game screen itself. They also have a chatroom up & a pit crew member is always reading to relay viewer questions & comments to the rest of the gang. If you are lucky you might get to listen in when they get a call from Teller, who has been checking in on them frequently.

Where might you learn more about this awesome charity event? How can you participate? Check it out at DesertBus.org

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