September 27th, 2007


Maine update

Well here I am in (checks postcard rack) Elsworth Maine at checks nearby sign) the Twilite Motel. The folks & I just got back from a local diner where Mom & I had lobster. First time for me & first in about 20 years for Mom. It's pretty good stuff but I don't see why it's just so big here. Must be the novelty of how you eat it. Mom ordered a whole lobster & tore into it with the nutcracker & all. I didn't feel like working so hard so I just went with the surf & turf. Tasty, but I'll stick with land animals.

We're still making our way north to Bangor, checking out lighthouses along the way. Dad's camera died the big death so now I am the sole photographer on this trip. I am now taking more photos of rocks & lighthouses & more rocks than I ever expected. I'll make it worth their while tho'. I'm still thinking of this as their vacation that they allowed to tag along. I help drive & read maps & menus & take pictures & all. I mailed out some letters yesterday so they should reach Wisconsin before I do. Those of you who gave me your address, check your mailboxes.

Finally got to check out an old graveyard the other day. Lots of ancient, crumbling stones but the place was well manicured so it wasn't very creepy. Oldest marker was dated 1799. Got some great pictures of the area too. Today would have been better for the atmosphere; mostly foggy. It's getting pretty cold here too.

I'm writing this on a real computer tonite. There's a laptop with wifi in the lobby, which means I may get it in my room too. We've stayed at a different place every night & each one has its own selection of accomodations. The rooms here are real nice, but I'm already looking forward to going home. I'm getting tired of having to re-pack everything each morning.

Only one more night in Maine after this one, then the flight out of Bangor Saturday afternoon. I'll be looking for Stephen King's house before we go. I still have my phone on if anyone wants to chat & say hi.

- E V I L O U T -