September 23rd, 2007


Gleetings flom lobsta land

Cool, check it out. Comfort Suetes has free wi-fi. Of course, they also have a free computer kiosk in the lobby but I wanted to get some use out of this DS Browser. Too bad I can hardly connect to anything I want to read. Strangele enough, I can get to the "update journal" page but I can't read your journals, Anyway, it's something,

The flights went smoothly & we got here midday. I thought we'd go someplace after our late lunch at three but once I settled down to the couch in my room to continue onward in reading Beowulf my body suddenly remembered that it had only four hous sleep in it so along with a full belly it was nappy-time.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring. We're making it up as we go. I'll update as I can.

- E V I L O U T -