September 12th, 2007


Not the Friday Five

This isn't the Friday Five but miang is currently hosting a MEME in her journal which I've participated in. She asked me five questions & I answered. Here they are:

1. Aside from the obvious (not having to work, an amount of security / non-anxiety), in what ways, if any, do you feel your outlook on life has changed as a result of having money?
2. Are you happy being single?
3. If you were one of the colossi in Shadow of the Colossus, which one would you be, and why?
4. Where were you on 9/11/01, and how did you find out what had happened?
5. If you could have dinner with any three (real) people, from the past, present, or future, alive or dead, who would they be and why? (Assume for the purposes of the question that currently-deceased people would be alive, non-zombified, and non-decayed during your dinner -- the Bill & Ted option, if you will.)

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