July 16th, 2007


Hey Tick!

This message is for the_tick27 but it may be of interest to others.

Tick, your E-mail bounced back to me so here are those videos of the Kinetic Sculptures I filmed at the Art Faire on the Square today. Artist's website is: Zachmann.com

Kinetic Sculpture 5 AVI files, 42.8MB

Also, I discovered Pee Wee's bicycle (or one of them) was sold on eBay earlier this year. It's a 1953 Schwinn DX & sold for $17,877. (Info link)

Since the auction photos are gone I wrote to the seller to see if they were still available. She wrote back in less than 20 minutes with a mess of photos. I included one from the movie for comparison.

Pee Wee's Schwinn 21 Photos, 1.21 MB.

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