March 6th, 2007



Shit! The neighbour's house is on fire. I gotta leave before the fire trucks get here or I'll be late for work!

- E V I L O U T -

Since I have time, here's more info: At about three I heard a cop siren chirp nearby so I peeked out my computer room window to see a squad car parked in the neighbour's driveway. Nothing particularly unusual about that since they go through the area once in a while. But being three I decided I'd better start get ready for work due to my earlier hours. I peeked out the front door as I passed by & saw smoke billowing from the roof vents of the house across the street! A fire truck honked in the distance. The nearest fire plug was uphill from me & the house was downhill so I knew that if I didn't act fast I'd be blocked in. I rushed to grab my bag & coat, abandoning lunch just to get out the door but when I got in my car I was approached by a fat sheriff who told me no one would be able to leave in a vehicle until the area was clear. The hoses across the street started filling with water & I knew he was right.

I don't know anything about the situation yet; how it started or if anyone was injured. All I know of the neighbour is what I've seen of them from across the street. I really hope no one was hurt & that they have a good homeowners insurance policy. It may seem cold that I was more concerned about getting out to work on time but the emergency vehicles are already here & there is really nothing I can do help other than get out of their way.

I'll update with photos & video of the blaze later tonite.

UPDATE the Second:
I spoke again with the fat Sheriff & it sounds like no one was home when the fire started.

You can now download my video of the fire here(6.16MB)
I spoke briefly with a woman from channel 3 news (sorry Caleb) & gave her a CD with my photos & video. They may make it to the afternoon/evening broadcasts but you saw it here first!
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