January 22nd, 2007

Can't Sleep

New music & old music

First, there is still a chance to log in & download Dead Last's first song release in my last post. This isn't so much a "hey, look what I found!" link as a "hey, we need your input!" I'd really appreciate some feedback on this one whether you're familiar with sound engineering or not.

Anyway, it's about time I did something productive with my day. Not that today wasn't productive; I observed a family birthday, solved my Rubik's cube three times (!!) drove home through show, shoveled said snow & washed a week's worth of dishes. . . Ok maybe that's less non-productive than I originally implied, but since then I've done little but listlessly surf Internet & fall asleep watching The Tick.

Dammit. After that last paragraph my mind suddenly drew a blank. Or perhaps it's more that the things I originally wanted to write about have suddenly lost cohesion & I am unable to bring them forth properly in words. Indeed, it is getting late & I've been awake since breakfast time this morning. Fading has begun. Prepare for shortness.

B-Fest is nearly upon us. So far we have tickes & room reservations but no concrete driving plans. We only have one car available so far. As much as I wish to avoid it this time around, if all else fails I can still drive. But since I've driven to every single B-Fest, Anime Central & Mitsuwa run that I've ever attended I was hoping for ready for a reprieve.

I'll spend this week getting ready little by little; packing, selecting useful items to bring along & triple-checking that I'm bringing all of the food that I plan to. I'll also write a helpful entry for the newbies going. (Helpful Hint: Do NOT limit your rations to candy alone.)

In the middle of writing this entry I happened upon a piece of music presented by local WORT. It was an eerie & beautiful track lasting many minutes in a program of minimal drone pieces. I recognized it from an episode of Mindwebs & I rushed to the phone to call in & find out the artist & title. It is A Rainbow in Curved Air from 1973 by Terry Riley. It was an odd feeling discovering this music as it crept upon me gradually as a familiar mood, one which was reserved for that particular episode of Mindwebs (whatever it was, I can't remember the exact story.) It caught my attention & after a few minutes when the horns faded in I knew I had heard it before. Even tho' I have heard nearly all of the episodes a number of times by now the series still brings me surprises. I have a feeling there are more to come.

- E V I L O U T -