March 22nd, 2006


Tired, so. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . tired

Ug, so tired. So.... ug.

I left work early tonight. I wouldn't have lasted as long as I did if I weren't just standing in one place packing boxes. I asked for tomorrow off too so I can just stay home & rest. Needless to say, since I'm staying home sick I should probably ask out of my plans with crabmoon, laviorli & phil_bond Wednesday night whether I feel better or not, just because I'm still probably contagious. I'm sorry, guys.

I didn't come straight home but stopped at Noodles for dinner. The last time I was there they filled my almost new punchcard to the brim because they are discontinuing punchcards in favour of their new lower menu prices. So if you have a card, use it up. Menu items are now priced according to small or regular sized bowls rather than individually.

It felt good to eat & sit a while -- especially after standing for five hours -- & I was home within an hour. But rather than start on that long journal entry full of neat stuff I finished catching up with Secret of Mana Theater & bathed. It felt good, but the guilt of non-productivity still plagues me. I still have the day off tomorrow, I'll try to work on it then, as well as put some more effort into the webpage of evil. For now, well, I'd be crashed on the couch or playing video games or something if I hadn't promised the SWE I'd be online tonite. I think I'll find something to read or copy some more relevant quotes from H.P.L. into my collection.

- E V I L O U T -

P.S. Have I promised links to anyone & not yet delivered? Please jog my memory.

Update: Holy cow! I found a rom for Seiken Densetsu 3!! Now if only I could port this & Seiken Densetsu 2 onto a Game Boy Advance cart.

Sick but busy

Well it's evenening already & there's still no sign of that big long post I promised myself, nor have I touched my website coding yet. That isn't to say I haven't been productive today, I just haven't gotten to much computer stuff.

Being sick as I was I had planned to sleep in but seanorange woke me up three times by calling (for reasons I do not remember. Sorry, Sean) & when Dad called 'round one-ish to check in on me I finally gave up & woke up. It took me a while to get going on stuff but once the morning sickness was over (being sick is always worse in the mornings, why is that?) I managed to keep somewhat busy.

I picked up a prescription yesterday only to realize that I walked out without paying for it! The trend had been a charge of $0.00 because my company had paid ahead on my deductable for me Jan 1th, but now that it's run out I have to pay full price until the rest of my deductable ($1,200) is finally paid off. I know this because I spoke at length with a Cigna rep before leaving the house to run errands this afternoon. I also called Anjean to get the scoop on the midnight movies at the Music Box Theatre for Sean. Then I called the parental units to let them know how I was & arrange to pick up my car.

I left the house for the first time at about 3:30 & went straight to Zalk Joseph to fill out an application & drop off my resume. I feel silly now having spent that time dressing up when all I did was fill out paperwork in an empty room, but you can never be sure if they might want to interview you right away. The hiring manager might call back as early as tomorrow so I will change my answering machine message to something more professional. Let that be a warning to those who may call.

I paid for my car repairs & picked up my key before the shop closed for the day so I could switch vehicles later without worry of rushing. They replaced the brake pads, rods & rotors so the Evilmobevil™ is now considerably safer to drive. I also had them repair the interior fan so now I can use the first two settings between "OFF" & "HIGH." Thanks to laviorli for pointing out this can actually be done! I then stopped by SCS to pick up my own copy of ICO so the_tick27 can have his own back. Sorry about the long-overdue loan, dude.

Before I left the hosue I found a package inside the storm door. I knew exactly what it was & when I returned I tore into it without abandon. It was the new AC adapter for my IBM Thinkpad. I've been needing one of these for something like three years so I can access all those stories saved in the blasted Lotus Word Pro file format. So what's the first thing I did? Broke out my Madcatz Camera Link & downloaded some of my Game Boy Camera photos. I expect phil_bond & I will be having fun with this sometime soon after I've healed from this infernal virus. *sniff* *kaff!*

So on a day I expected to laze about & feel miserable I accomplished quite a bit. There was actually a point early in the afternoon where I wondered why I didn't just go in to work if I felt this all right, but then another spell came on & I had to sit down, remembering that colds like this tend to exhibit themselves in alternating waves of different symptoms & feel-betterness. Dammit. Still, I managed to get some puttering around the house done. What infernal gene is it that inspires me to clean & do housework when I'm fuggin' sick I ask you!! Ugh. *snrk!*

I've deleted some programs & a lot of space-wasting files on my Thinkpad. Unfortunately, the last time I did this I didn't know too much about the add/remove programs feature & deleted programs directly from their folders. Now I can't get rid of the rest because certain essential files aren't there & cause errors with the uninstall programs. It doesn't matter too much, tho'. Once I get things organized & back up all the files I want to save I'm going to reformat & reinstall the OS. I'll double-check that the camera link software will work with Win '98 & then have a new toy to play with. This time it really will be for writing, which was the intent for which it was purchased in the first place. Well ok, it'll be for writing & Game Boy Camera stuff.

Crap. Excuse me. This room doesn't have tissues.

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