August 6th, 2005


A rare day: a good day

You just missed a great sneeze. Man that felt good! I admit, I egged it on a bit but it was totally worth it. Unfortunately, the smurky odor of woodsmoke is all that much stronger now. I might suspect someone grilled out of doors earlier this evening but it's hinting much stronger toward campfire. Either way it's ruining the rare cool night air my fan is blowing in through the window. Regrettably, I'm going to have to close it to keep my clothes from stinking later.

There, that's better in a way and I can still smell the soap from my shower so once again I've narrowly avoided olfactory disaster.

I cut out of work two hours early tonight since I showed at noon as per request of the first shift manager. Work was so slow that I was bored out of my fuzzy little mind for the first two hours of my actual shift until I found some brainless busywork projects to do. Tim was gone so the Hispanics on our shift brought food for everyone: rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, some sort of bean sauce, and other fixin's for the big pan of hot tortillas they brought. An easy work day is good, no manager is good, free food is good and leaving early on a Friday makes this the best day all week. I need a few more of these.

On the way home I swung by the Video Game X-Change on Monona Drive and found it to be closed up and out of business. Instead of heading north towards another store which would likely be closed for the day by the time I got there I decided to see if matt_william was free once I got back to town. He wasn't and we watched a documentary on Sumo wrestling in preparation for the professional Sumo match (option 4) we will see in Japan. The video was entertaining, but most of it was the wrestlers telling us how hard it is to be in Sumo and the cameraman had severe downs syndrome thereby rendering most of the filmed sumo matches pointless to watch. We still had fun and it made me all the more eager to get our journey underway. Just six more weeks...

There were a couple messages on my machine when I returned home again and I was lured over to renny1780's by crabmoon who said "everyone" just had to talk to me. When I finally did get there, getting people to talk to me was like pulling teeth so I took my ice cream and went downstairs to cool off. the_tick27 was playing with Google Earth and tried to show me directions to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. I told him I wouldn't remember until I wrote it down but but he was having fun and obviously excited about the trip.

Back upstairs we cleared things up regarding the trip and I was in better spirits. I gave two quality backrubs to Lindsay and Ahnika and received two that, tho' nice, could have been better in a less social situation. The more you give, the more you receive so I think I will give them more opportunities to practice and receive (hopefully) better and better backrubs.

I managed to con Renee into driving to the faire this Sunday due to the Evilmobevil's intermittent engine light problem that seems to have do direct cause other than my own worry and frustration. We later spoke of the new smoking ban, how pathetic smokers are and music before I left. Again, I should be sleeping as I write this but I am still compelled to write something to keep this journal active.

There are a few important things I need to do tomorrow. In no particular order:

  • Get a haircut. I'm getting shaggy now and I don't like how my hair sticks out when I wear a hat.Plus, my class reunion is next week.

  • Call Anjean. We've been talking about meeting at the Renaissance faire for months and now that I'm actually going I've been forgetting to contact her. I did write an email a couple days ago but it has gone without response. Calling will be the only way to be sure.

  • Mow the lawn. Needs to be done.

  • Change the aquarium water. I didn't get to this last week so it definitely must be done before I wait any longer. I should probably test the water too to make certain the new plants aren't doing any harm. Probably won't be a problem but it doesn't hurt to be certain.

Among all that I'd also like to go back to State Street and do some shoe and hat shopping but only if I can find company. I'll call phil_bond or sacredspud and see what they're up to, especially since Caleb left a message on my machine round about midnite and probably dropped by my dark and empty house while I was out this evening. I hope Jack's still has those shoes on clearance. Sacred feather likely still has the hat.

Hmm. Not much introspective stuff as usual; just another list of Stuff I Did™. Perhaps something more will arise later.

E V I L O U T -

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