August 5th, 2005


Scatterbrained caffeine planets, we've got it all!

Ugh. Do I want to do an update tonight? I've been thinking about it but I really don't feel like doing the writing-it-out thing right now. It would be so much easier if I could just have a recorder running in my head throughout the day putting my thoughts onto an endless spool of magnetic tape that could in turn be fed through my computer which would type out my entries before I even get home. My daydreams and musings are often so much more linear and coherent during the day while I'm unable to write than here at night with all my resources at hand. I'll tell you one thing tho', I'm not going any further without some good music to work by.

There, I put on the Luther College Symphony Orchestra's CD that Renee lent to me. Surprisingly, iTunes' Gracenotes CDDB recognized it. Usually small press stuff isn't in there. Nifty.

So where was I? Ah yes, about to check for the first two volumes of The Complete Jorkens by Lord Dunsany since I'm almost through with volume three. Hang on a sec...

There! I found a few available on eBay with "Buy it Now" prices lower than the publisher's, even after shipping. However, since they did not list the complete titles in the item description and the photos of the book covers are too low of resolution to read with confidence I merely wrote the seller a brief inquiry. Ordering will have to wait a bit but as long as they get back to me and things are as well as I hope the books should be here well within time for Japan.

Anyway, today I. . . I'm thirsty. I hadn't eaten since lunch so by the time I returned home this evening I was a bit peckish. I cooked two boxes of box macaroni & cheese (some weird shapes rather than the traditional hollow elbows) and dished some up while reading more Dunsany. The cheap stuff can be pretty salty. It's amazing how plentiful it is now when mere centuries ago people were killing for it. Salt, not macaroni. Now I'm even more thirsty. Lemme grab a soda real quick-like.

I have this handy little mini-fridge in my computer room that's just large enough for a six-pack. It's been running all week and I've barely had anything from it. I moved the thing from one side of the room to the other while cleaning in here last weekend and, tho' the table looks tidy and clean, the fridge hides easily. For the record, it's plain blue, not pink. I couldn't find my own model at the Target website.

So now, without any further ado, my post.

Tha Post

My caffeine withdrawal didn't last nearly as long as even I had at first been fearing. (What a strange, strange line.) My week has actually been improving since Monday rather than the other way around which seems to be the trend this summer. Today's weather helped considerab... woo. Scheherazade. Um.. Yeah, it cooled off mid-afternoon and the out-of-doors actually became habitable for a change. No A/C on in the house tonight; just fans in the windows. Heck, haven't even needed them yet.

The low spot of the week was very obviously Tuesday. Just couldn't get away from bad thoughts and the miserable heat and humidity that hung oppressively over the city like a fresh monkey turd. I blame the caffeine, or lack thereof. I knew what was going on but I was still powerless to stop it. Thankfully, the false fire alarm was just the distraction I needed and mingling outside watching the emergency vehicles arrive helped me to do an emotional reboot of sorts and get back on track. I still had some frustrations back at home as listed in the last post, but those are mostly forgotten by now.

Monday, despite being gross weather-wise, was pretty cool in that I got to tour the local ABC broadcasting station. Monica, Renee and I rode up at elevenish to pick up Caleb after work and while there he gave us the nickel tour. He showed us the little ins and outs of the place, where certain segments are broadcast from, where others are assembled, what various random consoles and monitors are for and where he parks the lawn mower. He even invited me to climb the Super Doppler Radar tower which was tempting, but somehow I suspected that his superiors wouldn't appreciate his guests taking such liberties. Caleb is quite a good tour guide and I must say this was much more interesting than when I gave them the tour of my workplace a couple months ago.

I've been social on Monday and Wednesday of this week so far but Tuesday night I didn't see anyone and it's probably for the better. Once I got the whole water filter thing and shower taken care of I did some chores; the sort that are just too easy to put off until just before they'd amount to actual work. I washed the dishes with my friend, Public Radio and heard Uranus and Mars from The Planets: Op. 32 by Holst, conducted by John Eliot Gardiner followed by the most beautiful variations of Jupiter I've ever heard. After a few calls over the next couple days I was able to locate and order the version of Uranus I liked and find a little more information on Jupiter. For the record, it was from "Variations on 'Thanxed' " by Jonathan Blumhofer. Hopefully the search for this will prove easier when I'm not so tired.

I should have been to bed at least an hour ago but I got caught up in writing this entry and visiting with the SWE. I don't know why I volunteered to start work at noon tomorrow. Fridays are always busy for me in the first place since I cash my paycheck and do any necessary shopping. Now I'll have to get up when mean Mr. Alarm Clock tells me rather than bonking him on the head and getting another hour's worth of intermittent sleep like I usually do.

I suppose I had more to say but this post is scatterbrained enough as it is. I should get on to bed as soon as I finish this and check my updates. And here, I was originally going to spend this entry talking about sex.

- J I M O U T-