August 3rd, 2005


"I'm cranky and antisocial and I just want to sleep."

I am so goddamned sick of this miserable weather that it's not even funny. Every time I look at a 7-day forecast it says the same thing: highs in the 80's, lows in the 60's. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS SUMMER??! It's the same goddamned weather EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! There's hardly any rain, the daily high gets down to the 70's maybe three days a month and it's always so damned humid! Crap, the humidity! Even on the rare days when it does rain it only adds to the humidity and doesn't cool things off the way they're supposed to. I have been lethargic and unambitious all summer because of this. Who wants to go outside when it feels like you're being enveloped in wet cotton? Why leave the house when not even a shade tree provides respite? It's miserable and awful and I just want to go back to last summer.

In other news: I'm sick of my job. I've felt that way for a long time but yesterday was particularly unpleasant. Besides having to work in a building where you can only tell it's air-conditioned by walking outside, I spent most of it irritable and short-tempered. For the latter half of the shift I found it difficult to think of anything but those things that make me angry or depressed.

The only relief came 25 minutes before the end of the shift when the fire alarm went off for no apparent reason. Everyone filed outside and waited as the police and a fire truck arrived to check things out and speak with management. It was a false alarm, but no one was sure how it started. Hopefully we'll find out today.

The amusement was short-lived because at home when I tried to change my house water filter I made a mess. It's always been so easy before but this time the filter housing wouldn't seal properly and water kept spraying out whenever I turned it back on. After several thoroughly frustrating attempts I finally discovered that the rubber seal ring had fallen out. It was fine once I replaced it but I had already completely soaked two towels and hosed the interior of my closet.

A lot of little things have been bothering me this week. I'm cranky and antisocial and I just want to sleep. I get headaches at the slightest provocation and I can't find my big bottle of ibuprofen. Working off a caffeine addiction sucks.

J I M O U T -

Current Mood: stressed out