June 27th, 2005


Craptacular 2005 part II

Got back from part II tonite with enough time to actually do something afterward... not that I expect anyone to call this time. crabmoon would be most likely but she's about a thousand miles away right now. So it's close to eleven-thirty and I'm trying to decide what to do to with myself and the rest of the night. Laundry is easy enough since all that's required of me is time enough to stuff it in the machines. There are plenty of dirty dishes but I don't want to soak in hot water after a hot day. I need to play Metroid before returning it to Caleb, as well as read his Superman book, neither of which I have a high interest in right now. As long as I can do something productive tonight I won't feel guilty about waisting the weekend watching bad movies like:

Samurai Showdown, which was about what I expected and mercifully short. Thankfully, I don't remember much about the movie and it didn't interest me much anyway. It reminded me of the Gungho Guns and their quest to quash Vash the Stampede (who strangely enough, has a double in this film.) Evil is vanquished and our heroes move on to do more heroic stuff in the next film, which was shown but I did not see.

Samurai Showdown wasn't really that bad, I just couldn't get into it at all. I took a walk during the second one to get some air and see what was going on outside. It was still warm and humid but tolerable for short distances. I stopped to watch a half-dozen jugglers practicing in the park before heading on up State Street. I poked around in Electronics Boutique and generally enjoyed the stroll as I continued on up to the Sacred Feather where I picked out a new cap (for my trip to Japan) and the Blues Brother and Stanza hats I would also like. The latter two would look great with suits but I could make them work with portions of my current wardrobe.

I didn't buy anything there this time but stopped in again at EB to pick up the Batman PS2 game I was eying, and some paper plates at Wallgreens on my return to Club. My timing was a little off as they had already started the next movie before I entered.

Transformers: The Movie is infamous among our crowds and not much more needs to be said. It was a long time since the first time I saw it and was a treat since I didn't have to buy it myself. Between viewings I had become a big fan of Orson Welles and had a greater appreciation of him as the planet eating yet permeable Unicron. Robert Stack and Eric Idle also helped keep the casting interesting and we had fun throwing in the occasional Cobra battle cry. I probably won't see this one again any time soon.

About half a dozen of us stayed behind as everyone else left to get eats. While they were discussing the few titles that could be shown in the short hour before the rest returned I started The Animation Show and everyone quickly settled in. We made it through the Aria segment before Caroline decided to start another feature:

Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla. I don't know if they ever made Abbot and Costello Meet Dr. Moreau but this may be suspiciously like it. A Jerry Lewis wannabe and a lounge singer are trapped on a tropical island. Hilarity ensues. But wait! It was all a dream. What a cop-out. The movie had the best reaction of the weekend and the whole audience got involved. But it was still terrible. Since I brought it, when it was over I went to the player to eject the disk and was about to return it to its case when I realized that I'd never want to see it again and whipped it at the wall. It shattered. Everyone cheered.

I went for another brief walk during Brooklyn Gorilla and saw a circle of people out in the courtyard involved in some sort of organized activity. They were gathered in a circle talking and making the occasional simultaneous motions. They waved to me through the stairwell window so I ventured outside to investigate. It was freshmen orientation. Not what I expected and not something I could really participate in. It also didn't explain what they were doing when I found them but I let them have their fun and checked out the weather which was quite eerie with thick, yellow haze diffusing the remaining sunlight and dampening sound. I would have stayed out longer if not for the movies.

Plan 9 From Outer Space was the second part of our Bela Lugosi double feature and grand finale of the night. Matt, Sarah, Sarah and I brought the B-Fest paper plate tradition along with us to last year's Craptacular and there were several that still remembered it. But then, who could forget hordes of paper plates flying through the air every time a flying saucer is on screen. For those who didn't know what to do with the plates I just told them "Hang on and you'll find out soon enough." I needn't have worried about cleaning up a mess afterward because there are always a few who scramble for every plate they can find to either redistribute amongst the crowd or fling at the next available opportunity. I don't need to buy this movie. It's so much more fun with a crowd and watching it only then only makes it more enjoyable.

The last movie ended with 45 minutes to spare but instead of finding something else to watch we called it a night and all went our separate ways. It's only seven months until the next B-fest.

- J I M O U T -