February 23rd, 2004


Time to clean

Shorter posts this week. (Hey! stop cheering) I gots fambly coming this weekend to observe my mother's along with my birthday and I need to tidy up. Not that this place is that dirty to begin with, but it's a good reason to make it look better than presentable... and then, of course, apologize for the "mess" once they get here.

Last week I discovered a program called Skype that allows you to make free personal phone calls over your computer using your existing mic and speakers and better sound quality than your typical telephone. From the same people who brought you Kazaa, It's still in its infancy and they're more in the get-the-word-out mode than out for profit right now. Currently, calls can only be made between Skype users but they're working on services to connect to any phone in the future. I was about to download the 6MB + program tonite when I saw that my system doesn't meet a couple of the software requirements so, so much for that. I'll try again once I get a somewhat faster Internet connection and a couple friends to try it with.

Gots ta take da Car O' Evil to da shop tamarrow. Got a recall notice in the mail last week. Something about a defect in the steering they have to look at to make sure it won't explode or something. All I know is I gotta be up early to take care of it and that It's free. A good excuse to bum a free lunch at my folks' place while waiting.

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