February 8th, 2004


Burning holes in his pox

Yes, I know. No posts for a few days. Blame early morning work and the SWE for occupying my time. I'm still ok for now but I've been awake since 4 am Saturday morning and at this state, when I become idle I start to fade.

Got back from A-Club meet three tonite. I was able to follow the stories just fine even tho' I missed episodes 3-4 last week while at B-Fest. (Gads, is it finally over? Sometimes I'm not sure.) Last Exile is still good and holding my interest as well as Onegai Teacher (sorry, miang). Everyone loved the three episodes of Red vs Blue from the discs I brought so it will be nice seeing those on the big screen. However, Ghost in the Shell was putting me to sleep tonite. If it were in the English dub I could have closed my eyes and listened while dozing because nothing happened. Most cop shows are like that for me when they get bogged down in details of the case and all. Still, I stayed through it since I didn't drive and after that we watched the first two episodes of the MAPS OAV. Weird. I didn't quite follow all of what I stayed to see but there was a starship in there that used the energy released upon a creature's death to power its mega-weapon. So naturally they had a huge blender for little animals. (I think the bad guys used this one.) Right after that I leaned over the seat in front of me and asked Ken if this was from the bottom of the barrel and he said no, there was still some stuff under it so more like mid-barrel. Still, in between tapes he opened it up to MST-ing. I might have stayed for that but I was pretty tired. Still am, actually.

I probably shouldn't but I'm ordering more anime from JerseyOtaku's collection next week. I've seen none of it (except, possibly the Slayers movie) but I'm willing to take a chance if it's cheap. My anime collection is steadily getting larger than my Hollywood titles and I'm finally seeing stuff that hasn't already been shown at A-club. Soon, I will be a Noob no more!! Wai~! Wai~!

Friday was pretty cool. I went to town (no, not in that sense. I mean, I just drove there) to cash my paycheck and stopped by the folks' place to pick up my mail which included another check. Something to do with my company-provided 401k from my time at (store's name omitted.) I don't know why I got it, I didn't earn it, but if they miss one payment I'm raising hell!!! (2 pts for anyone who can place the paraphrased quote.) So that was basically another paycheck, plus, I worked overtime this morning so I can stay ahead of my bills for a while longer... Uh, except for that big anime purchase from Jersey and the manga today. Heh ^_^;;

I read matt_william's journal tonite which would have seriously worried me had I not seen him in person this evening. He warned me about the entry beforehand which was a relief once I actually saw it. Still, it wasn't happy and I recognized almost all of what was going on through personal experience. I was at a dead-end job for FAR too long and felt useless for never going to college and still living with my folks at 26. I'd never even had a girlfriend until I was 23. But if things are gonna change you gotta take charge. "Ya gotta grab life by the lips and YANK as hard as you possibly can." (1 pt quote) Sometimes you need friends and family to help hold on (Life's lips can be pretty slimy) but when they say they're there for you, they mean it.

One thing he has going for him that I don't is a girlfriend. That could carry me a long way. One of the things I want most of all is someone to share the rest of my life with. If I had that one special someone (or someoneS, if the lingerie football league is reading this) by my side then anything I suffered wouldn't be quite so bad. House, job, insecurities, whatever went wrong, the emotional support of a lasting relationship could carry me through anything; much more than an impressive paycheck. But for now I have my friends, my very own house, plenty of peace and quiet, lots of books and anime to keep me entertained, and of course, my giant collection of paper bag puppets for company.

Speaking of, I'd better go check on them. If'n I'm not careful they go and eat my lunch out of the fridge.

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Hmm. I found a Personality Disorder test in another journal. Doesn't look like I have much to worry about... unless that one about lying was actually important.


-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

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