December 11th, 2003


It's not even winter yet

So I called my friend tonite after work who answered again (!!) and we had a long chat. Turns out she was visiting a friend out of town for two weeks, then had company at her place for a week and was sick somewhere in there too. It's a good thing I called because she'll be leaving again next week for ten more days to visit family out of state. She'd heard all the messages I'd left over the past couple months and it bothers me that she didn't answer any of them but I didn't press the matter. I'll wait and see if there's something I didn't find out tonite. At least I don't have to worry like I have been.

So... it's coming from the sky again. I dread it, and it happens every year. I don't like it. I can't even stand to say its name until we're so saturated with it that you can't look anywhere without catching some of it in glace. The ground (and the streets, and my car) is once again covered with that accursed white $#!+. I heard rumorsfrom the laughing weathermen but I hoped it would hold off until Friday when I had some cash money to spare.

I bought a shovel today. It's big, made of aluminumand still shiny. I knew I would need it months ago but couldn't bring myself to admit it until today. Had to use my credit card and took the new scoop with me in the back seat to work because the hardware store was on the way. It didn't take long before I knew I would need it once I got home. It did come in handy to clear off the steps up to my front door but there was no sense of satisfaction in the job. I know I will need it for many, many hours in the frigid months ahead to remove the genetic material of hundreds of frozen men from my driveway, less the carrot noses, of course. sigh
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Heino what you're thinking

4 day weekend!!

Well, almost four days since I worked four hours today. There's vacatime to be had and I intend to have it before it can be lost at the end of the year. This usually happens; I save the time for something special and work straight through most of the year using it sparingly and end up throwing the remaining hours at Fridays in December. It's good, tho'. I don't feel like working much anymore anyway.

I gotta be careful to budget my time for next year. I will again be using my three floating holidays for Anime Central, for which I am already vibrating with anticipation. Damn you Jon!! Curses to you too, Matt! Those bastards finally corrupted me. -- I'm also setting aside a week for when Dad and I go to Washington D.C. and New York. We haven't set a date or made serious plans, but it's something we've been wanting to do for a couple years now, and we really should do it sooner than later while he still has his vision. That leaves five days that I'm not sure how I'll use. My birthday is during the week and I always take a day off for that, but I want an entire week available in case I can visit (or be visited by) one of my long-distance friends. It's a long-shot, but would be a very special occasion since we've never met in person. What to do...

Well, tomorrow I'm buying a hat for my dad. He's always liked my array of unique hats and this year commented enough times on one of them that I finally said "How about if I just take you to the Sacred Feather and you can pick out whatever you want for your birthday/Decemberween gift?" He was all for it until he found a fake fedora at a goodwill store. I call it "fake" because it doesn't look that good close up. It's flimsy and has no band and may have been a cheap costume hat at one time. He hemmed and hawed for a while but finally changed his mind again. I think he's going to pick out an Indiana Jones fedora like I have which is cool, but there are others I think would suit him better. We'll see, and it's his hat, afterall.

I miss my fedora from time to time, even tho' I've been wearing my big fur hat with the earflaps (aka "Russian hat") these past couple week. The fedora has always been my favourite and worked well with most of my outfits, even my leather motorcycle jacket. I don't know what other people thought, nor do I care, but I was comfortable most when wearing it. But for now it is gone, a thousand miles away to see exotic places and people I can only dream of for now. I sent it on an adventure to a friend of mine who has promised to send it back with a photo of her wearing it. I'm looking forward to this because I only have a couple pictures so far. It's a little late to include the autumn colours like we hoped and it's pretty bleak outside right now, but I'll be happy if I can get it back before May and that's nearly half a year. Why May? Well, that's Anime Central, didn't you follow the link above?

Yeah, Acen is coming up and I haven't even started on my Ilpalazzo outfit. Jon's taking a sewing class to help but I don't know where to begin, let alone what parts I'll be responsible for. I've never attempted a costume this elaborate and right now it looks like a lot of work. You can't tell from the pic but there's a neat outfit under that intimidating cape. I'll be seeing Jon Sunday for the Madrigal dinner so we'll have time to talk about it then. We really need to get going on that since I don't think either of us knows exactly what's needed. We should also probably do some used clothing shopping to start piecing things together. Not only for me but for him. Since it was his idea for me to cosplay as Ilpalazzo, one of these trips to Acen I'm going to get him into a Heino suit. He always sings an anime song as Heino on karaoke night and it's always a blast. The suit would give it the perfect touch. Wish me luck on this. Also wish me luck on getting anything productive accomplished this weekend.
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