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Maine, Geek Kon & take that, Fat!

I should update before I begin forgetting details again. But I probably shouldn't as I have an early morning contractor coming in tomorrow. Ah well.

Maine was fun. I was looking forward to the trip despite my expectations but enjoyed it nonetheless. I'm not typically a big fan of lighthouses but the lovely Maine autumn scenery won me over. Leaves had only just begun to turn so the trees we did see in colour were scattered about. But this let them stand alone in glory among their green counterparts. I have a photo of a beautiful half-orange tree in front of Stephen King's house. Yes, we went there too, which salvaged my weekend since by then I had grown weary of the constant car-travel. My parents already decided to go again next year. I'll probably join them. Photos of Mr. King's house & other points of interest in Maine available upon request.

I originally considered attending the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival but due to poor planning it wouldn't have been convenient. Instead I attended Madison's first annual Geek Kon, a celebration of Geeks in all their forms. According to the final numbers it was a great success. Attendance was far more than expected & the convention found coverage from most local news outlets to CNN. Altho' not as extensive as the round-the-clock Acen there was still a good variety of panels, guests, artists, anime & movies. I was surprised they were able to gain permission to show so much stuff in the main viewing room. Next year will definitely be bigger & better, & I've already promised myself to take part in planning & organizing.

Mainly because I found one aspect of geekery underrepresented: literature! Both days I carried with me my eldritch companion, plush Cthulhu, along with a couple books of Mr. Lovecraft's fine work. Certainly there were other fans of Grandpa Theobald present -- especially since there were rooms chock full of RPGers -- but as I missed the opportunity to help organize the con they missed out. I'll see what I can do. I've already got a few ideas, & Sauk City isn't very far away.

My favourite part by far was Ben Heckendorn's "live" video podcast. There were only about five of us in the audience but we all had fun. Ben & Jones have a good rapport & I enjoy listening no matter what they're talking about. If you watch the video you'll see some of my amateur camera work as Ben asked me to help me shoot some filler footage of them when we were visiting after the show. The visit, of course, was in part about the Atari portable I want him to build. He's still busy with other projects but he did accept my Atari 2600 since I brought it along with my checkbook. He took my Atari but not my money. What a nice guy.

I missed out on heavy combat practice tonite. Ironically it's because I was working out. Yes, I joined the local fitness club, something I've been planning to do for a few months. Since my level of activity changed dramatically this summer & not my diet I've been playing for it. I'm aiming to reverse the trend before I have to buy new pants. I'm looking forward to getting into it. I realized long ago that I need something structured in order for me to get into an exercise program. I get bored of walking or doing sit ups, but with a set routine & goals it will be easier to continue. My schedule should easily facilitate this & once I get going I plan to attend daily whenever possible. Hopefully I haven't spoken too soon.

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