Evil Jim (evil_jim) wrote,
Evil Jim

The Maine event (I'm sorry)

Here I am again. I don't know if this will work since I couldn't read any of your journals. But anyway, I'm on the DS as a lady is making travel plans on the kiosk in the lobby.

We're here in Portland, having already found a room for the night. Mom isn't as active or adventurous as Dad or I so we tend to end early. Hopefully Dad & I will get out again later & find something interesting to do. Tho' we've already found there is nothing within walking distance that you can't already see in Madison.

Today we visited the Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse & the Twin Lighthouse park. (Only 62 more in Maine to go.) The scenery & weather are both beautiful, but if all we do is drive around all week I'm going to get van fever. (Like cabin fever... but in a van?)

What I'd really like to do is explore some old cemeterys. Just climb out there among the headstones & poke around. There are plenty of Colonial era boneyards here & who knows what secrets (or horrors!) they hide among their moss grown paths & mouldering headstones. An excursion, I think, best left to myself. Hopefully one of these remaining nights our room will find us near enough one that I can steal away on my own.

Since only two people submitted addresses to an earlier post I will only send out two postcards. That being the case, they'll more likely be letters. Still, nothing truly spectacular has happened so far so that will wait another day. I might send some photos with my camera if I knew you wouldn't mind. Feel free to leave a message.

I'll post when I am able. It's cumbersome to use the DS but the novelty hasn't worn off yet.

- E V I L O U T -

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