Evil Jim (evil_jim) wrote,
Evil Jim

Sick of travel

I'm sick. Seriously, I'm sick. And not just because I think the_tick27's new avatar is hilarious. The first symptom began tickling the back of my throat late Wednesday evening & snowballed into an ever-increasing force of destruction from then on. So now, if my head isn't clogged it's leaking, I tire at the most menial tasks & sweat at a moment's notice. Naturally I'm medicating it with Day/NyQuil, but if these are the symptoms that remain while it's working full force then I don't dare stop treatment. This all wouldn't be so bad normally -- I'd just ratchet my laziness up a couple levels & lounge on the couch for a couple days until it ran its course -- but naught twelve hours from now I will be on an aeroplane east toward the state of lobster & ice; Maine! I'm certain the variable cabin pressure will have much fun with my sinuses & the additional stress involved with the trip will likely weaken my immune system, so naturally I'm not looking forward to the first part of our journey. But hopefully within a couple days my body will have redoubled its forces against the hostile invaders & finally be able to vanquish this vile virus.

I'm still packing for the trip as I write this. The cold has muddied my head making it easy to overlook simple yet vital items. I'm very concerned that I'll leave something important behind because of this so I keep finding myself packing one or two items at a time & then going off to distract myself from the task a while longer. It doesn't help that my frustration keeps rising at tasks that keep giving me trouble. Like transferring MP3s to my phone. The process is rather convoluted & even when I follow it properly I only find about half of the files transfer properly. The others get a "The server threw an exception" error message, which is not explained anywhere that I can find in the software I have to use. Frustration indeed.

Another matter is deciding what items go in which bags. Since we're flying & the airline industry is so freaking paranoid about everything, I can't even bring hand sanitizer, virus or no virus. So I'll have my luggage, plus carry-on, & then have to switch things around again once we finally land. Arrgh. This would be so much easier if I could just keep my mucous-clouded head straight.

Appropriately enough it seems, I've read the entire comic series & watched the movie of Akira this week. What better a story to consume with a messed up head, eh? Monday I was fortunate enough to find the Epic release of the comic from the late 80s & early 90s at a used bookstore. Even tho' they're nearly 20 years old they must not be worth much to collectors as they were priced considerably less than cover price. It looks like someone just sold their entire collection the day before because nearly the entire series was there. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to fill the gaps in my own collection & now, of the original 38 issues I am missing only two. I've always preferred the epic release over the more recent Dark Horse. For one, it's in full colour & when you've Akira in colour any other version seems bland & two-dimensional. Second, it's a better translation. The only thing Dark Horse seemed to contribute was more swear words. Not a selling point for me. So anyway, I'll be on the lookout for issues 4 & 7.

I suppose I should get back to packing. Among other things I need to remember to turn off the gas, the furnace & unplug the computer. Oh, and charge my phone, camera batteries, find my sunglasses, repark the car &... crap. I just want to lay down. I probably won't be able to check or post to Live Journal until next weekend. Apparently I could do it by phone via text message but they aren't too clear on exactly how so I won't set my heart on that. Anyway, I'll get back to that & hear back from you all next weekend. I might even be back for seanorange's birthday thing.

- E V I L O U T -

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