Evil Jim (evil_jim) wrote,
Evil Jim

Losing weight & missing birthdays

I'm fat. Seriously, I'm fat. I know some of my readers are polite enough to say that I'm not, but I really am gaining weight. Since I retired my level of activity has changed dramatically but my diet hasn't, & I'm paying for it. My pants are tight & a few of the size large t-shirts I tried on earlier today are a tad snug. So I definitely need to reduce. Don't make me post photographic proof!

I noticed a new gym/fitness center... thingy is being built on the edge of town which is encouraging, but since I didn't know when they would be opening I took a tour today of the present fitness center in town. Turns out it's the same business so once the new one is built everything will be moved over. Very encouraging indeed. I've tried creating an exercise program on my own in the past but the only results it showed were the ability to do more push-ups & sit-ups. I need something more structured for it to work & since I'm lazy, I'd rather have someone just tell me what I need to do than come up with a plan on my own. So once I return home from Maine at the end of this month I'll see about getting a membership before I have to buy all new pants again.

Speaking of Maine, the Parents of Evil™ & I are traveling out east to the home state of Stephen King. There for a week to explore the countryside, drown lobster & feed their ever-growing obsession over lighthouses. I tried to talk them into taking a side-trip to Providence, Rhode Island but their reaction showed I would be better off traveling with people who shared the same reasons I want to go there. Anyway, I'll be leaving early this Sunday on the 23rd, (koriandrkitten's B-day) & returning on the following Saturday (seanorange's B-day, or right near.) So along with toastmastertom that's three birthday's I'm missing. Oh, plus a Weird Al concert. Shit! Why am I going again? Well anyway, if you would like a postcard from Maine, just enter it into the field below. I'll scribble something witty on them & hopefully they'll get back home before I do.

Poll #1058176 Mail Call

Enter your address & I'll send you a postcard from Maine

More to come before I go. Hope you all enjoyed Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is the reason behind my new avatar. Not, um, the fat thing.

- E V I L O U T -

P.S. To sacredspud:
The Russian Sci-Fi films are playing through the beginning of October, not just this weekend.

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