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Not enough letters

Right now I have a mild headache that has not gone away with IB Profen so I don't know how much longer I'll hold out. I also may be summoned away from this text box by friends online so bear that in mind too.

After two years of waiting I finally ordered Drumatic's second album, Reactions. "A mesh of programmed and performed drums resulting in dark orchestrations of industrial dirges. The blueprint for the future of gothic ambiance," to quote the website. I really like their stuff and don't have anything like it in my ample CD collection. But wait! Why, you ask, have I waited so long? If this album has been available for two years why didn't I jump on it immediately? Well, naive one, if you follow the link you will see album three, Frames of Mind will be out soon. This album has been will-be-out-sooning for longer than what legally should be considered "soon." At the time I thought I'd just wait a couple months and order them both, but those couple months turned into four, then eight, then more. I write every once in a while but I keep getting the same story:

Evil Jim,

thank you for your interest in the Drumatic "Frames of Mind" Cd.
Unfortunately we have had a very long delay in putting out ANY new releases
here at Tone Casualties we currently are on hold until we can get are
finances in place. Sorry for the news . We are trying to find another label
that may be able to release "Frames of Mind' . Keep checking in and we will
keep you updated.

So I ordered the second one and will keep on waiting until they can finally get the next one released. I feel sorry for the band getting stuck like this. But then, it's been so long I'm wondering if they're still together or doing fine on gigs elsewhere or what? I support small labels but what do you do when things like this happen?

So during the meanwhilst I'm waiting for the other one to arrive and organizing the CD collection in my car. I have holder that attaches to the sun visor that holds about a dozen or so discs and I have some staples that I keep in there at all times because they're good to drive to. I don't leave original albums in the car for fear of heat/cold damage or theft so I make backups. That way the originals stay safe and it's ok to mistreat them a little. However, I have discovered that my preferred brand of CDR doesn't hold up well to rough handling. I like the discs with no logos or labels that are shiny on both sides and avoid the manufacturer suggested "conform, Puny Humans, and write your tracklist here on these three short and inadequate lines." Silly as it may seem to buy CDRs based solely on that, I like shiny things and it was only natural. But after a summer of use in my car the shiny stuff has started to come off the back of some of the discs which now gives me a mismatched set of rather flashy coasters. The frosted CDRs are still holding up fine. So now I've copied the music onto the more durable, but somewhat less pretty discs in hopes that they'll keep me drivin' for another year or two.

I pulled up to the keyboard tonite thinking to keep this one short with the task in mind of continuing WG's letter. It's already past her birthday but since she doesn't really acknowledge them I'm not too worried about getting it to her on time. Still, I did intend to get it to her by then and I'm late. I got a good start the first day and that sort of gave me the "I'll finish it in one more strong blow" and I haven't added much since. It's going to be a long letter to begin with but since I can't just send a letter I'm recording it too. How often have you gotten a letter with a voice track while you read just like in some big-budget Hollywood movie? I didn't think so. Only special people get kewel stuff like this from me so you gotta be real nice. Actually to be honest, I haven't written a lot of letters to anyone since starting a Live Journal. I just direct them here. I wonder if that happens much for other users. My friends can get more info on my doins and comings and goings here than through my letters before, but there's something of the personal touch missing since anyone can see this. Plus, by journaling stuff have to be rather creative elsewhere, otherwise I'm just repeating myself in any letters. Well, it's all new to Grandma tho' since she's never been plugged in. Which reminds me, I should write her a traditional letter since it's probably my turn and I didn't get to see her a couple weeks ago when family got together. Where was I? . . . Making a paragraph random, I guess.

Ahh, a new paragraph. What to write What to write. I've been sleeping in ever since B-Fest last week. Either it's had that much of a lasting effect on me or I'm staying up too late at night again. Either way, I'm gonna try to bribe myself into getting out of bed early tomorrow with anime. If I get up at a descent time and do some chores I'll let myself watch a couple more episodes of Blue Seed. How's that sound, Me? Can you do it? SURE! Now let's just try that again at nine in the morning when my alarm goes off. No fair hitting the snooze alarm more than three or four times. You hear that, Me? Huh?

Now you're getting silly. Get out of here.

- E V I L O U T -

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