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Not the Friday Five

This isn't the Friday Five but miang is currently hosting a MEME in her journal which I've participated in. She asked me five questions & I answered. Here they are:

1. Aside from the obvious (not having to work, an amount of security / non-anxiety), in what ways, if any, do you feel your outlook on life has changed as a result of having money?
2. Are you happy being single?
3. If you were one of the colossi in Shadow of the Colossus, which one would you be, and why?
4. Where were you on 9/11/01, and how did you find out what had happened?
5. If you could have dinner with any three (real) people, from the past, present, or future, alive or dead, who would they be and why? (Assume for the purposes of the question that currently-deceased people would be alive, non-zombified, and non-decayed during your dinner -- the Bill & Ted option, if you will.)

1. You've already excluded security & non-anxiety but I do have to mention the incredible relief it is not to have such pressures. I'm not sure if it's been coming across in my journal but that in itself has had a large affect on my general demeanor. I don't feel the negativity & hopelessness for my future that I once did, even tho' I have no more immediate or definite plans than before. I feel more at peace & relaxed. There's no longer this pressure to scurry about & try to balance what I want to do (spend time with friends/family, pursue hobbies) with what I need to do (work, chores.) Hopefully this will help me sort myself out enough to figure out what I really want to do with the rest of my life (besides being a dreamer.)

2. I am neither happy nor content with being single. I may seem to be good at it but I've already spent more than enough time alone. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at meeting people nor attracting attention to myself in the right sort of way for them to want to meet me. I've been making efforts to be more social lately & it's been working in very small degrees, but unless something spectacular happens, or I'm introduced directly to the woman of my dreams, It will probably take more time before I can be happy in this part of my life. And no, I haven't received any marriage proposals yet ;)

3. This is definitely my favourite question of the bunch. My most recent go-through of the game definitely favoured Dormin. Once I learned of his plight I merely used Wander for what he really was, a tool, & saved my strength for the vengeance I would unmercifully extract upon the ancestors of his captors when they finally reached the temple. Those few scant minutes where I actually assume the role of the colossal Dormin/Wander & try to pound flat Lord Eamon & his men were among the most exciting in the game. However, as we know by now this is a losing battle & was never really a fair fight to begin with. As for the other 16 colossi, bleak as it is, I've always been fond of the view from atop Table Rock where you find Gaius, number III. But when the Earth Knight stumbles after me with that stone sword & broken armour, I pity him, & realize I'd rather be his familiar than the colossus itself. But there is a little niche southwest of the Temple. One that can only be accessed by air or a series of dark, claustrophobic passageways that open out onto a precipice high above a lush, green, misty valley tucked away below the cliffs. This valley is home to Phaedra, number IV. Were I a colossus, this is where I would like to dwell.

4. Six years ago back when I still lived with my parents, I was sleeping in & was awakened by a call from my then-recently former girlfriend. She would call every day at about that time on her break at school just to visit but this time she sounded different. After brief hellos she asked if I had been watching the news that morning. I hadn't since I had just woken up. She said "The Pentagon blew up." I was confused. "It blew up. It's all over the news." It was difficult to get details out of her so I stumbled out of bed to the living room where the TV was already tuned to CNN & where there was smoke & panic & buildings on fire. She didn't talk to me much longer, & that was a helluva load to drop on someone, so I pretty much stayed glued to the television for the rest of day morning until I had to go to work.

5. You've done well to phrase this one so I can't get out of it with a quick joke. Good work!

I would treat H.P. Lovecraft to a spaghetti dinner at Gino's on State Street. Not a lot of people know he held a strong opposition to alcohol & drugs & probably even fewer know that he loved spaghetti. He's long been one of my favourite authors but I really want to see what he was like as a person. I want to make him smile, share a few yucks & just be social with the fellow. I'd like to think that we'd get along well.

I'd also like to visit with my grandfather again, who died in 1995. I never really took the best opportunities to get to know him until near the end, but by then there wasn't enough time. He seemed to me to be the strong, silent type. I spent a lot of my childhood staying out of his way because I didn't want to annoy him, but thinking back, he probably wouldn't have minded. I know he loved me & was always a kind man. A single dinner wouldn't be enough, but there would still be time for me to thank him for everything & tell him how much I appreciated having him as a grandfather.

On the lighter side, I can still look forward to having dinner with one person. That special young woman who I will spend the rest of my life with. I know this will happen someday, but a sneak-preview would be nice.

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