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Ye find yeself in yon INFERNO. Obvious exits are NORTH, SOUTH and DENNIS.

My clothes smell faintly of clove. My ears are slightly numb to sound. My limbs still yearn for the unbidden freedom of movement. The slick of sweat upon my skin has dried but feels refreshing rather than dirty. Five hours ago I thought I would be watching Noir or perhaps playing more of Dark Corners of the Earth. Instead, I spent the night at the inferno.

My good friend Dennis called while I was preparing supper. He was in town for the evening at the Inferno to meet a girl & wanted to see what I was up to. Being about a year & a half since the last time I saw him I met him there & had quite a good time. The place wasn't too crowded, the music was good & I didn't feel like the usual wallflower. It's a good thing I showed up too because the aforementioned girl stood him up (again!) We visited when we could hear each other over the music, I got him to work the dance floor a little & we ended up carpooling to the East side Perkins for food where he ordered dinner & I ordered an entire French silk pie & a glass of milk.

It was only then did I realize my black fedora was not left in the back seat as I originally assumed when I changed out of a sweaty black shirt for a clean one. The fedora in question was casually placed atop of my car & flew away to freedom when I drove from the Inferno parking lot. I sighed with resignation, but relieved that it was nothing more valuable lost. However, upon returning Dennis to the Inferno parking lot where his vehicle lay in wait, he checked inside with the dude at the door & discovered my black fedora, also lying in wait. It was missing the purple band but still in fine shape. Evidently some kind soul had found it lost, drifting aimlessly in the road & turned it in to the front desk.

Anyway, it was really good to see Dennis again. We became friends the first day I worked at Newell several years ago & we've kept in touch since he quit working there & moved a few hours of travel away. I'm also glad I was able to keep him company for a while as he's currently going through a lot of shit right now. Bad shit. In fact, he was in Madison because his cunt of a wife wanted the house to herself tonite to entertain her new boyfriend. Yeah, a cunt. There, I said it. They're getting a divorce soon but that's no reason to do shit like this to him. So we finally got to visit face-to-face for a while & hopefully I brought is spirits up. He's still driving all the way down to Iowa tonite to visit family. I made him promise to call me once he gets there safe since he declined my invite to let him crash on my couch for a few hours. Maybe in the future we'll get to do this more often.

Back at the Inferno I was surprised to see so many people from Wednesday night combat there. At least four or five, including myself. Probably more as I don't know a lot of people just yet. Emery mentioned that there was a lot of overlap between the two which is encouraging because it's easier for me to go out to someplace like that if I know other people there. I should go out more often. It's been nearly a year to the day since last I was there.

Just a note to myself: Neither the Inferno, East side Perkins & Applebees have blow-dryers.

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