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Labor Daybor

Hmm, letsee. A buncha stuff has been going on. That's not to say I've been really busy, but moreso than sleeping until four & getting groceries like today.

For those of you just joining us, I've been participating in SCA activities. Namely the heavy combat held alongside of other events weekly on the UW campus. I love it, & it's exciting just being there watching people try to beat the shit out of each other with swords simulated in rattan (not wicker!) I've been attending for about a month now & have Still needs padding... and Brasso. learned a few basics. Enough so that I wish I had someone to practice with every day. the_tick27 & I also started making some armour with Master Giles & finished our first piece, a gorget, last nite. I need to decide what time period & region I want the armor to represent. Otherwise I have to go with generic SCA armour & that's no fun. So more research is forthcoming. Until then my gorget isn't of much use & my opponents will have to pull their punches, but damn it looks cool.

Labour Daybour weekend was fairly non-labour-intensive. Saturday Tick & I went to the Bristol Ren Faire for their last big weekend of the year. We met friend Anjean at the gates & as we wandered around enjoying the scenery, the shows & the atmosphere they both helped me assemble a nice period outfit, as seen (partially) in the above photo. We all had a long day but I was the one to get the most sleep that weekend.

Tick was happy enough to join me for Bristol, but as we left that morning & he worked until morning, that meant he didn't get any sleep at all that day. I drove. When we returned to town we stayed together awhile longer so he could show me the first episode of Heroes, now out on DVD. We watched a couple more episodes last night after armor & it is consistently Wow. After he left on Saturday I stayed up to watch Unbreakable. I'd like to get together within the next week or so to watch it again with matt_william who surprisingly hasn't seen it yet.

Anjean also had a long weekend due to work & trying to coordinate getting together with me on both Saturday & Sunday. Sunday was the Highway 18 Outdoor Theater's annual Dusk To Dawn event. They start with the two normal features & continue onward all the way to dawn the next day. It's a fun & exciting way to spend a half day watching movies in what is sadly becoming an uncommon atmosphere.

For whatever unholy reason, Daddy Day Camp was the first movie. It was formulaic, stupid & unnecessary, but still funny in a scene or two. It was pretty bad, but entertaining & we had fun MSTing it. Spiderman 3 : Spiderman Too?? followed & was boring since I'd already seen it. But I'm still proud of my comment about the Sandman midway through. "What a jerk. The best part of him leaked out of his father's hourglass." Anyway, Anjean arrived (straight from work) near the end of this & joined me with sacredspud & Matt at the front of my car. The Monster of Phantom Lake began at midnite, which is a local independent film made partially in Wisconsin. I recommend it. It's a low budget omage to classic low budget movies. There's not a lot of action but there's plenty of SCIENCE! The theater website had been advertising it along side of It Came from Another World made by some of the same people. It was cut at the last minute but it wasn't so bad because the other two features were Animal House & Bruce Campbell vs The Army of Darkness. The mosquitoes were out all night but they came back in force just before the last movie, where we all piled into my car. By dawn there were less than a dozen cars left at the theater & we were so bushed that we didn't even stay for the free breakfast offered by theater management. Next year, tho'. Next year & the year after. Dusk to Dawn is now officially one of my will-go-out-of-the-way-for movie events. See you there.

- E V I L O U T -

P.S. For those of you who I have turned on to LoadingReadyRun.com & for those of you who have turned me on to Bioshock, here is a video for all of us:

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