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I've just returned home from seeing Black Sheep at the Orpheum. I had a case of the jitters this afternoon & associated it with cabin fever which inspired the impromptu movie outing. I later realized it was caffeine overload from the large cola (not pepsi) & refill (still not pepsi) that accompanied my lunch. Duh. I've come down from it now, but my fatigue & lethargy could also be attributed to a cramp-induced lack of sleep last night & an early morning get-up which I will go into moderate detail later.

Anyway, Black Sheep was entertaining but largely unfulfilling. It could have been better balanced. The previews make it out to be a gore-horror/comedy but it's more horror with some well-timed bad jokes. Imagine someone getting gored, then hearing an innocent "baaa." It's like that. Despite the concept, Weta's effects are nothing to laugh at. There are plenty of cringe-inducing squick moments that make you want to not look & look at the same time. Overall tho', the idea of killer sheep works better as a five-minute Monty Python sketch/animation or a 90 second movie trailer. Feature length is just too much.

Oh yeah, listen for the Wilhelm. Hey Movie Industry, it's funny once in a while, not when it's in every single movie. That pretty much kills the in-joke.

Backing up a little, I intended to see the seven o'clock showing of the movie but discovered at the box office that the times had changed for Friday so I ended up hanging around the State Street area for two & a half hours longer. I didn't mind, I walked the strip as the sun set, ate at the Parthenon & successfully field-tested my DS Browser, thereby officially rendering it unuseless.

The fun part tho' was when I was busy stealing wifi from Pizza de Roma. I heard drums coming from around the corner &down the street. Drums steadily increasing. Drums with great rhythm. I couldn't help but to get up & let my feet carry me to the invigorating sound. There, from behind the buildings a procession of two or three dozen men in white shirts, ties & bright red fezzes rounded the corner from the backside of the Overture Center, marched across the street & lined up in formation in front of the Triangle Market. Markings on their pulsing drums & sequined fezzes indicated that they were the Zuhrah Drum Corps. When their first number was done they were greeted with enthusiastic applause from the crowd now filling every nearby street corner & curb space. They proceeded to perform four or five more brief numbers, mostly marches, before finally accepting applause & continuing further down the street. It was a real treat & made the trip up worthwhile whether I liked the movie or not.

I didn't get much sleep last night & that was quite a while ago now. I may have to cut things short for now but I'll to forge ahead until then. The early wake up was due to shimatta1's invitation to join him on a trip to the University Swap Shop. It's only open to the public once in a while & therefore a very brief golden opportunity to pick up used & surplus stuff like 21" monitors for $25 or optical mice for $3. There were plenty of old desks, chairs & dorm fridges too but I only bought a handful of stuff that I was pretty sure I could use, like the above mentioned mouse & an old but unused phone that matches my others here at home. Jon got his monitor & we were off to Borders.

Not long ago Jon purchased several books & later at home he noticed on the receipt that he wasn't charged for one of them. Feeling his honour was worth more than $10 he wanted to go back & pay for the book properly. Once that was taken care of we both went off to browse. It warn't afore long I was in horror searching for Lovecraft. Not that there's much of his work out there that I don't already own, I just like to be sure he's still out there & to examine the various editions still available. I found a lovely young woman who immediately directed me to the proper shelf which held mostly Del Ray collections repackaging the same stories in different combinations. I'll probably never find another Arkham House volume there again.

The store had quite a different layout from when last I frequented its aisles. I wasn't sure which direction to start in to find my next answer but I must have been spotted as I slowly turned about, reading signs hanging from ceilings & attached to bookshelves. It was the same young woman again, offering assistance. Indeed, I sought tomes on medieval armour & sword fighting. As luck would have it I had found the best person in the entire store to ask. A member of the SCA, archer & bookbinder. We may even have unknowingly rubbed shoulders at the Stock Pavilion Wednesday nights. We chatted for a bit & eventually found that the books I wanted probably wouldn't be found there. In fact, I discovered I have much more research to do before I can really decide on the books I will need. To the Library! the Internet! and the Bat Cave!

The excellent customer service didn't end there. Knowing where I was going this weekend she gave me two free passes to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Is everyone in the SCA this awesome? Well, she seemed familiar the entire time we talked. Not from sword practice but elsewhere. A brief check at home confirmed it. She was none other than lostvirtue. Someone who until today I had only known through Live Journal.

The rest of the day was filled largely with boring chores & slightly less boring other stuff. I got groceries, mowed lawn, yadda, yadda, yadda. I did get some Powerball tickets tho'. It's something I don't normally do on a regular basis. Usually just when it's up over 100 million. I think I'll stay as I have been. The predicted jackpot for Saturday is 210 million. No sense on bothering with small change.

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