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The Boss of it All

I have just returned home from seeing The Boss of it All at the Orpheum.
In (writer/director) Lars von Trier's small-scale, Automavision (computer-edited) Danish-language film comedy Ravm (Peter Gantzler) is the spineless (but mean) CEO of an IT company. He's such a people-pleaser he's hidden his real rank all along so the staff won't resent his more unpopular decisions. Now on the verge of selling the company out from under them, he calls in a "self-important, out-of-work" actor, Kristoffer (Jens Albinus) to play the role of "boss of it all"—be his front man by proxy to sign the papers.

The above synopsis is all I knew of the film before going in, discovered a few weeks ago in an issue of The Onion. The movie was not a disappointment, & I'm glad I made the last-minute trek through the rain to catch the day's last show. If you would like to check it out there are a few things to note: 1) The film is in Danish with English subtitles. 2) It's largely set in an office. The subtitles are white & often on white backgrounds. This is probably an oversight in the production of the translated version but doesn't detract from the story; just don't sit too far back from the screen. 3) There is an early scene where an Icelandic businessman is negotiating with a Danish businessman through an interpretor. If you don't speak either language it could be a tad confusing. But knowing that much should help sort out the subtitles. 4) There are lots of jump cuts. It may be part of the director's style but they can disorient the passage of time.

But what I really want to talk about is a trailer shown before it. It appears Live Stock Films has made a serious adaptation of the Monty Python Killer Sheep sketch. I'm not normally a fan of this type of horror film but this one I gotta see.

(The label on the jar is "Mint Jelly")

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